13 Best Short Curly Hairstyles to Try

Are your long curly locks weighing you down? Well, maybe this is the right time you should think about getting a chop to embrace short curly hairstyles.

Iconic Short Curly Hairstyles We All Want To Copy.

Getting a chop on your long hair is not one among many things that women will do without giving the idea a second and serious thought. However, getting a chop to rock short curly hairstyles is the only best way to feel free from your long heavy locks. A cropped curly haircut is ridiculously stylish and utterly practical thanks to its manageability and the short length.

In addition, short hair is effortless to style and stunningly versatile. As such, it is the best choice for women with curly hair to opt for. From beautiful pixie to sleek bobs, here we have compiled the best short curly hairstyles for your consideration.

  1. Tight Ringlet Afro.

Beautiful, tight ringlets deserve the right to be showcased. As such, you should wear them loose, but be conscious not to wear so much weight to over-power you. To deal with this problem, choose a stylishly short afro style.

  1. Short Curly Hairstyle for Natural Curls.

Natural curls appear beautiful when styled in a loose bun at the back. The haircut also looks great when worked with short strands as the hair slowly fall out of place giving you a relaxed look.

  1. Short Afro Haircut.

This is one of the fashionable short curly hairstyles for women with natural hair. It gives ladies the freedom to embrace their coils and kinks with a short afro haircut. The haircut is ridiculously chic and gives you confidence.

  1. Shaved Pixie Cut and Curly Bangs.

If you want a bold take on the old pixie cut, this is the best way to start. Tell your stylist to cut or shave both the sides and back of the hair. Leave the top untouched and comb it forward with beautiful curly bangs.

  1. Platinum Curly Bob.

Transforming the colour of your hair can be a great way to give your curly bob a new look. For ladies with light hair, why not opt for a bold platinum appearance for a high-impact look?

  1. Pinned Up Curls.

You can rock this classic short curly hairstyle without necessarily creating an intricate updo which is only possible with long hair. However, when medium-length curls are pinned up, they create an irresistible look.

All you need to get this classic bob are some few bobby pins to rock a gorgeous fountain of curls on your crown.

  1. Updo for Thick and Short Curly Hair.

Sometimes you feel bored and tired of styling your curls every day. On these days, pin the curls up on your head. Just make sure that they frame your face well for a stylish and chic look.

  1. Naturally Curly Pixie Cut.

If you need a chic and sophisticated short curly hairstyle, you should opt for this pixie cut. The cropped haircut is ideal for showing an elegant look with a touch of stylishness.

  1. Marilyn Monroe Short Curly Hairstyle.

When it comes to choosing and wearing cute short curls, Marilyn Monroe gives us a lot of inspiration. The famous actress rocked her blonde hair with a short crop that is still very fashionable and preferred today.

  • Glamorous Wavy Pixie.

You can make a pixie cut stunningly beautiful with the inclusion of large waves. To rock this look, blow dry your roots in an upward direction before styling it using a wide-barrel curling iron.

  • Ethereal Short Curly Updo.

Do you want an ethereal look? Well, it is very straightforward to achieve it. Pin your frizzy curls into a beautiful updo. However, don’t forget to leave some loose tendrils over your face to maintain the look sleek and relaxed.

  • Curly Updo and a Headband.

Short curls usually look glam and beautiful when pinned on the crown. You can choose to include a headband to the style for a gorgeous and sophisticated finish.

  • Curly Bob and Side Braid.

If you have short strands, you should try to embrace a variety of cool braided styles that are trending currently. However, you should make the right selection to make them work well for your hair length. Thus, choose side braids.

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