The threat against cybersecurity is stronger now more than ever. Due to the COVID-19 crisis major companies, including those of national healthcare services have been attacked and phishing campaigns have spread misleading information from the government. Cybersecurity is vital to businesses of any size. In fact, the majority of companies that experience a data breach are reported to suffer from bankruptcy due to business coming to a halt. Here are some ways you can protect your business. 


Often lack in basic access measures can cause a security breach. Biometrics is a way to prevent this. These include things like fingerprint and iris scanners, and face or voice recognition. You can set these up for all users on your system at work, and make sure they lock all their equipment. At least 62% of organizations are already using biometrics as a means of authentication for their networks. 

Cloud Backup

Cloud storage providers give you secure access to a second copy of your data. Your data is stored using encrypted disk-based backup archiving solutions, with 24h security in data centers. This way you are guaranteed increased protection of your data. Not only is your data protected but services include solutions, auditing and consulting, in the event of a data breach. If your company has reached capacity on its server or doesn’t have the technology to securely maintain the data, you can outsource this to another host. You can find companies that provide server colocation hosting and can take care of this for you.  

Risk Assessment

It’s important to evaluate the risks in your company and act accordingly. You can shop around for the best risk assessment software to draw up an accurate and detailed risk assessment for you. If you’re running eCommerce it’s a good idea to have a professional opinion on the safety of your websites. Better yet, seek expert advice on eCommerce website development when you first start out.

Data Analytics

Analytics software can help you to record and make connections between millions of data at a time. This tool can be used in several departments. Marketing can benefit greatly from the use of analytical software as well as it allows you to fully understand your clients and all their quirks and preferences. It also tracks location and demographics. This can make forecasts for you and help protect the future of your company. See here for the top analytical tools for your company. 

Disaster Recovery

Cloud backup providers are part of your disaster recovery plan. Disaster recovery can streamline IT processes, and reduce the risk of human error, or hardware issues. Your data is protected by private encryption keys and only accessible to you. You can, therefore, have peace of mind in that when you have a defined plan in place, you can work more productively knowing that your efforts won’t be wasted. Disaster recovery services allow your business to remain prepared for the unfortunate, and you can rest assured that your data recovery will be handled securely. 

Photo by Nguyen Nguyen from Pexels

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