Adding A Luxurious Touch To Your Home

Adding a touch of luxury to your home needn’t be hard work or even expensive. Luxury may sound costly, but it can also mean rich, and adding richness into your home is easy when your know-how.

The beauty is in detail, and when it comes to luxurious features in the home, it is the attention to detail you need to focus on over the price. Suppose you are in any way crafty or handy with a toolbox and paintbrush. In that case, you can redefine what luxury means in your home and add those all-important details to give your home that extra special quality everyone won’t be able to stop complimenting you on.


A cohesive style that flows through your bedroom will give you an instant feel of luxury and high quality, from your bed to your matching bedroom furniture set to the carefully placed pictures and plants that adorn your walls on shelving units that compliment your style. Think fresh and clean and minimise clutter by installing sufficient storage that doubles up as stylish accessories, too, such as toy boxes and ottomans. Add in matching cushions and rugs for added home comforts that pull your style together and complete the look.


A bathroom is one of the easiest places to add luxury to your home. You want to stick with a classic style for your fixtures in white for a bathroom that will appeal and add value to your home while accessorizing your tilework and cabinet options. Pay attention to taps, door handles, showerheads as these can be easy, less expensive ways to add a special touch without breaking the bank. A popular trend is white tiling on walls with black grout to really make the walls pop. This method works well with pale pink and light grey tiles, too, for the added wow factor!


To add luxury to your kitchen, you want to think about textures and lighting. Under-cabinet lighting really adds an impact in kitchens, as do feature walls in a different texture such as metal or concrete. Add in your accent color – orange to highlight copper features will really make a statement! Please pay attention to your kitchen color finer details, such as your lighting options; you want to compliment the room, not overpower it. A bar with multiple drop lights above a kitchen island will make a great focal point in any kitchen. 

If you are looking at getting a full kitchen refit, look at integrated appliances to make your kitchen flow and to hide excessive handles and dials from view. Contrast your countertops to attract attention more discreetly and make your kitchen stand out in the best possible way.

When it comes to making your home feel as luxurious as possible, it is important to remember that you want this style and feel to flow through the whole home. Keep to a base colour throughout and add different accents and variations through different rooms and via the use of furnishings to really hold the look together and that impact you are looking for.

Photo by Mark McCammon from Pexels

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