3 Major Reasons to Opt For a Non-Surgical Nose Job

A non-surgical nose job can change your life for the better. In order to boost self-confidence, people have to feel good both on the inside and outside. If a non-surgical nose job will make you happy, and there are no health obstacles, why not try it? The best thing is that in only 15 to 30 minutes you can get a new, more refined nose that suits the rest of your face better than your natural nose. If you’re up for some simple cosmetic changes, you’ve come to the right place. Here are 3 major reasons why we support this decision.

Self-Confidence Booster

A lot of people have low self-esteem or constantly feel anxious about their looks, especially women. They tend to feel really self-conscious and get overwhelmed with negative thoughts about the shape of their nose, the size or the bump. This is understandable because nose is a central feature of the face, and when you look in the mirror, or from the side, if it’s too bulbous or crooked you will not be content with the way you look. If you are a right candidate for the procedure, a non surgical nose job can make your nose more feminine and subtle. The procedure isn’t for life, since dermal fillers dissolve on their own after 12 to 18 months or after a day or two with the help of a surgeon. Injecting fillers in your nose can help you see whether you would like to get a rhinoplasty in the future, or it can help you realize that your natural nose isn’t that bad after all.

Low Risk Procedure

Since it is a minimally invasive procedure, the risks and side effects are also minimal. Bruising, redness or swelling can appear after the procedure is done, but these side effects usually last only a day or two, after which your nose looks completely natural. The procedure itself isn’t painful, except for the needle pokes, that can be a bit discomforting at times. Even though the risks are minuscule, you should be a healthy individual with realistic expectations for the most successful outcome. The results after the procedure can be similar to the results of a rhinoplasty. The biggest difference is that with non surgical nose jobs, the recovery period is non-existing and you aren’t put under total anesthesia, but awake during the procedure.


It is important to mention that it doesn’t only help with bumps, although when you get rid of the pronounced bump on your nose, the change will most likely be extremely visible. Ideal candidates are also people with a droopy nasal tip, which can be lifted up with the aid of fillers, and with fillers, people with mildly crooked noses can change their shape and create the illusion of a smaller nose. Unfortunately, dermal fillers can’t drastically reduce the size of the nose or create a slope on large noses. Non-surgical nose job won’t cause any abnormal bleeding or scars that you can’t hide. The surgeon will probably opt for hyaluronic acid filler and the results will be immediately visible. If you don’t like the results, the filler can be dissolved by the surgeon only 24 hours after the procedure is done.

A perfect nose isn’t a celebrity nose, but it’s a nose that fits your face shape and your facial features. Fillers should only be administered by experienced surgeons who know the anatomy of the body and know the nose structure like the palm of their hand. You shouldn’t feel disadvantaged by your facial features, because they can be enhanced or shaped to fit your face perfectly. Would you give it a shot?

Photo by Kirill Palii from Pexels

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