3 Ways to Future-Proof Your Career

The days of working the same job for the whole of your career are now a distant memory. If the past decade or more of financial turmoil has shown anything, it’s that it is a good idea to plan for the future and safeguard yourself against unexpected changes. One of the best ways to protect your livelihood and your finances is to future-proof your career.

Getting your career into the strongest possible position offers a potentially valuable tool for the future, and provides increased security and stability in your life. But, just how do you ensure that you create a career that can survive in the long term? Read on for some ideas to help you achieve just that:

Stay Up to Date

How up to date and relevant is your knowledge of your industry? To forge a career that can withstand uncertainty, it is essential to keep your professional knowledge up to date. Knowing what is happening in your industry is vital to giving you the edge professionally and for spotting potential opportunities.

Attending training courses can ensure that your skills are continually updated and that your professional development continues right through your career. Training courses are also excellent additions to your resumé.

Other opportunities to stay up to date and ahead of future changes are provided by attending conferences and trade shows. Conferences and trade shows offer the chance to hear interesting points of view and to open your eyes to new ways of thinking about your industry.

To keep your professional knowledge at an impressive level, it is a good idea to subscribe to trade journals and websites.  This will ensure that you are continually on top of the latest trends, and always the employee that’s ‘in the know.’

Boost Your Qualifications

Being well qualified puts you in a strong position professionally. Knowing that your qualifications are equal to, or outshine those of your colleagues is an extremely positive thing. Continuing to acquire new skills will keep your knowledge relevant. Going back to your studies doesn’t need to mean taking valuable time out of your career and going back to college. Instead, you can study at a distance for courses such as an Online Masters in Finance, which are 100 percent online. Therefore, there’s no need to worry about juggling time spent in lectures with work time. 

Adding an extra postgraduate qualification to your resumé will make you stand out from the crowd in your current organization. It will also look great on your resumé for future job applications too.

Make Connections
Whether networking is something you enjoy or not, there is no denying its usefulness. Connecting with other professionals and staying in touch with past colleagues is an excellent way to forge long term professional relationships. One of the most significant benefits is that you are likely to be kept in mind for future opportunities. You will also have people to turn to if you ever find yourself in need of work or a fresh challenge.

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