3 Ways to Up Your Style Game on a Budget

Looking chic can be a challenge when you’re on a budget, but our professional, social, and romantic lives aren’t going to slow down for our closets. Thankfully, there are ways to look (and feel) stylish without breaking the bank:

Bargain hunting

The term “bargain hunting” may conjure images of women fighting to the death for a discounted blouse, but that’s not really what it means to go on a bargain hunt. While you may have to scour a few shelves, bargain hunting doesn’t necessarily mean sifting through ratty old clothes from your local thrift shop. If done right, you can find some gorgeous and reasonably priced pieces. Not to mention, online shopping has made it even easier to find items that fit your budget. Don’t believe me? Check out these boutique dresses

When you’re shopping, don’t just grab whatever is on the sale rack. Shop for pieces that you’re excited to be wearing. This way, you’ll get more bang for your buck. By purchasing only items that you absolutely love, even if it means buying less, you’ll build the best possible wardrobe. 

Making old things new again

One of the biggest struggles of anyone wanting to look good is making old pieces feel new. You’re probably tired of wearing the same pants and blouse combination or the same shoes with your favorite dress. If you’re looking for a simple way to fix this, consider buying new accessories. You know you look great in that cotton dress, so grab a new pair of shoes to go with it. It will feel like a brand-new outfit again. 

You can also pair new jewelry with your current looks to brighten them up, or add a new belt or handbag. Replacing everything in your closet can be expensive, but adding a few new accessories is an affordable and simple way to make old things new again. 

If you’re not into statement necklaces or bracelets, there are several other creative ways to make old garments look and feel new. Dying your clothes, for example, is a quick and easy way to update your clothes with the latest colors. Dye can also help cover pesky stains. You could even take your most beloved pieces to a tailor or a seamstress – old jeans could become a skirt or a maxi dress could become a jumper. 

Sell what you don’t wear

One of the best ways to keep changing your wardrobe while on a budget is to sell things you’re not wearing. Chances are, you have several pieces just sitting in your drawer or hanging in the back of your closet. The best thing to do with these items is to sell them. Get back some of the money you spent so you can use it to buy newer items. This, of course, benefits you in two ways: you get rid of things you don’t have space for and you get a little cash for new things. 

The best way to maximize your wardrobe is to know every piece you own and how it looks on you. The more unworn pieces you leave lying around, the less familiar you are with your wardrobe and the more wasted space you have. Getting rid of these pieces for some money is the best possible option for you and your closet. 

Just because you’re on a budget doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your style. If you follow these tips, you’ll build the ultimate wardrobe in no time.

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