4 Reasons to Give Kombucha a Try

Kombucha is a beverage made from fermented tea that first originated in China. Lately, the drink has gained more popularity worldwide, and if you haven’t tried it yet, you’re missing out. Here are some of the factors that make kombucha so attractive.

1 – Unique flavor

Kombucha is a lightly-efferent beverage that is typically made by fermenting black or green tea. There are many ways to tweak the kombucha recipe and add to the final product to tweak the drink’s flavor, which is why shops that sell kombucha often offer so many beverage variations. And while traditional kombucha has tiny amounts of alcohol in it, you can find variations of “hard” kombucha in the market. These are versions of the beverage with as much as 8% alcohol content.

All of this means a whole world of kombucha recipes and variations to explore, with unique flavors and characteristics. And if you are the type who enjoys an excellent culinary adventure, exploring the world of kombucha can be pretty fun. 

2 – Health benefits

Tea is healthy, and kombucha is made from tea; therefore, kombucha is healthy. Alright, so it’s not quite that simple, but the truth remains that kombucha has quite a fair bit of nutritional value. It’s rich in vitamins — especially vitamin B6 and B12 — and antioxidants. And as a fermented beverage, kombucha is also rich in probiotics. These are beneficial bacteria that, once digested, can help your body break down foods and synthesize essential nutrients.

These and other benefits provided by the beverage have encouraged many health enthusiasts to make kombucha a part of their daily or weekly routines. Considering the same, this guide on the best time to drink kombucha may be helpful.

3 – Easy to make

One good reason to try kombucha is that it’s not that hard to make your own. Rather than spending a ton of money at a store — lots of shops are charging a premium for the beverage because it is “trendy” — you can buy supplies and start making kombucha by the liter. The process is straightforward, and there are plenty of beginner kits and guides out there. And if you have never tried fermenting stuff before, making your kombucha can be quite a fun little adventure.

4 – Low calorie

For something sweet and delicious, kombucha contains surprisingly few calories. Of course,  your calorie intake per volume depends on the kombucha’s process and its ingredients. But according to reports, most varieties of kombucha found on store shelves only contain about 30 calories for every eight-ounce serving of the beverage. That’s a far cry from the number of calories you’ll find on the same amount of soda, and the beverage’s sweetness even makes it an attractive option as a dessert replacement.

But again, remember that it depends on how the kombucha’s process. So if you are calorie counting, make sure you go for brands and shops dedicated to making low-cal kombucha. Or make your own.

Photo by Tim-Oliver Metz on Unsplash

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