5 Clues That Your Hormones Are Out of Whack

Hormones influence so much about ourselves- they impact our mood, how well we sleep, even to a degree, what we like to eat. So when something goes wrong and our hormones are out of whack, it can have a huge impact on the way we feel and the way our bodies run. Here are some signs you shouldn’t ignore. 

You’re gaining weight for no obvious reason

When it comes to weight gain, many of us can go into denial. We swear that we have no idea why the pounds are piling on, when in reality we’re eating too much of the wrong things, drinking too much alcohol and/ or aren’t being active enough. However, if you’re really honest with yourself and know that your recent weight gain isn’t the result of any lifestyle choices you’re making then the cause could actually be hormonal. Estrogen increases fat storage by upregulating certain receptors in fat deposits, particularly around the thighs and hips- although may not be an increase of estrogen that’s the issue, but a lack of progesterone to balance it out which can lead to the overall imbalance. Excess cortisol on the other hand is often responsible for weight gain around the middle, leading to an ‘apple’ shape. If you’re concerned, have your doctor run some blood tests as there are ways to remedy hormonal imbalances. 

You’re experiencing acne as an adult

Acne as a teenager is something we all expect, hormonal changes around puberty can lead to oily skin and all kinds of breakouts over the years. As these hormones settle down, in most people their skin recovers and they don’t experience any more acne. However for an unlucky few it never goes away, or it goes away to return with a vengeance years later. Acne in adulthood is almost always hormone related, meaning topical products won’t have any major success. Once the cause of the hormone issue is resolved, your skill will improve too. 

Your hair is falling out (or growing in the wrong places)

Another sign of hormonal imbalances in women are hair loss (similar to male pattern baldness) and dark hairs appearing in new places such as on the face, thumbs and chest. This is often accompanied by the acne mentioned above and can even cause a deepening of the voice. Lots of medicines and chemicals have been tested over the years to resolve these issues, such as RU58841 powder, a non-steroidal anti-androgen. These days, there are plenty of ways your doctor can help to reverse these issues caused by excess androgens and testosterone. 

Your periods are out of whack

Even with no other symptoms, many women with hormonal issues discover something isn’t quite right due to changes in their monthly cycle. Irregular or absent periods, a change in length of their cycle and more are all clues that something isn’t quite right. Don’t ignore this symptom, have it checked out if you spot any changes. 

You’re struggling with your fertility

Finally, some women only discover a hormonal issue when they come to conceive and have trouble. It can take a healthy couple anywhere up to a year to conceive, however if it’s taking longer than that for you then hormones are one of many possible causes. A fertility doctor will be able to run tests, in most cases they can pinpoint the issue and then treat whatever the problem is. 

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