5 Reasons Every Woman Should Practice Meditation

It’s no mystery that meditation is good for everyone, from children to the elderly and both for men or women. It’s a quiet yet powerful tool that can improve your physical and mental health as well as the overall quality of your life. But why is meditation particularly valuable for women? 

Women have distinct body rhythms than men. The latter undergoes physical changes from childhood to adolescence and plateaus during adulthood. Meanwhile, a woman’s body is constantly changing not only from childhood and adolescence but also during motherhood and, later, menopause. With all these changes happening throughout a woman’s life, it’s natural to experience a few emotional stresses, physical challenges, and other struggles along the way.  

With certain difficult times in a woman’s life, one way to help you cope with these changes and challenges is meditation. The practice will serve as your escape from all the stress you go through. 

Aside from the physical changes, women are also known to multi-task most of their life. They can raise a family while pursuing a career, do household chores, and complete personal errands. They have many responsibilities in their hands, which makes them vulnerable to fatigue, anxiety, and tension. To help them go through all these without breaking down, women should practice meditation. 

If you’re new to this, read on below for five reasons you should start setting aside a bit of your busy schedule to meditate.

  1. It Helps Reduce Your Anxiety and Stress

As mentioned, women go through high amounts of stress and anxiety, especially when they’re experiencing physical changes or trying to juggle multiple responsibilities in life. Too much stress is unhealthy and can damage you physically and mentally if you don’t do anything to reduce it.  

Through meditation, you can have a quiet time for yourself and shift your attention to the present moment. Meditation will keep you from worrying too much about the future and getting overwhelmed by your past. 

Scientifically, this practice will also reduce your body’s cortisol production, decreasing your feelings of stress and anxiety. So, set aside a few minutes of your day to do deep breathing exercises and stay still. 

You can also wear serenity or calming jewelry to foster a feeling of balance and confidence.

  1. It Helps Healing Faster and Live Longer

Another reason for you to start doing meditation is it helps you live longer. Perhaps you’ve forgotten to take care of yourself and your needs due to your busy schedule, resulting in the weakening of your immune system.

Meditation helps your body recover and strengthen it. Moreover, it’ll keep your DNA from degrading, thus extending your life. If you want to be strong and live longer for your family, make time for this process.

  1. It Enables Self-Reflection

Contrary to men, women gain an understanding of their spirituality at a much younger age. That’s why women also tend to have stronger intuitions than men. 

For this reason, meditation, alongside your chakra rose quartz bracelets, helps temporarily switch off the earthly distractions around you, get rid of all the negative energy, and dive inside the voice of your mind and soul. As you connect with your subconscious mind, you can experience a deeper self-reflection.  

This enables you to understand all the experiences and struggles you are going through. You become more grateful for what you’re capable of, and at the same time, you’ll identify the areas where you feel like you need to improve as a woman, a mother, a wife, a daughter, and, overall, as a person.  

  1. It Helps Regain Your Control Over Your Emotions

Like everyone else, women want to be in control of their emotions. But sometimes, some situations can get the best of you and lead you to lose control of your feelings. You become more irritable. You quickly get angered over your children’s tiny mistakes or get frustrated when you do something wrong. 

Through meditation, you gain back control over your emotions. As you meditate, you’ll be more aware of the events or actions that triggered a particular feeling you don’t find desirable. This will then enable you to reorganize your thoughts, collect your emotions, and keep yourself together.  

  1. It Can Boost Your Beauty

It’s not a surprise that stress can drastically affect your appearance. You may soon see yourself growing a few strands of gray hair or see fine wrinkles staring right back at you in the mirror. 

Meditation reduces your stress levels and calms your mind. As you become stress-free, you’ll start having a healthier sleep cycle, which equates to beauty sleep. The more restful sleep you get, the less likely you’ll gain any wrinkles around your face, boosting your beauty and defying any signs of aging.  

The Bottom Line

While you may have heard some of the reasons mentioned above, let this remind you of how powerful and vital meditation is for your well-being. Through meditation, not only will you be physically and mentally strong, but this will also help you learn more about yourself and appreciate what you’re capable of. 

As you slowly incorporate meditation into your lifestyle, you’ll be more at one with your mind, body, and soul, and you’ll be more potent to take on any challenges that life throws at you.

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