5 Signs You Should Visit Your Audiologist

Hearing loss can happen very gradually, making it hard to recognize for many people until they start to see more obvious signs. If you find yourself straining to hear or asking people to repeat themselves regularly, it can be a subtle indication that your hearing isn’t what it once was. 

Talking to experts like those at HearCanada can help you to identify the problem with your hearing and help you to find the right solution. Let’s take a closer look at some tell-tale signs that you should book a visit to your audiologist.

Pardon Me?

If you find that you are constantly asking people to repeat themselves in conversation, it’s a good indicator that you may have hearing loss. When in a crowded situation, it is especially hard to filter out background noise to hear individual voices when you have hearing loss. Spoken voices may sound a bit muffled and quieter than you are used to, causing you to ask people to repeat themselves. 

Missed Alarms and Notifications

Are you missing emails and phone calls? Are you sleeping through your alarm more often than you have ever before? These subtle signs could indicate that you have an issue with your hearing. If you don’t hear the doorbell or other normal alarms or notification sounds, it’s time to talk to your audiologist.

Max Volume

Over time, have you had to increase the normal volume of your audio devices, like your television, radio, or car stereo? These small changes happen over time and can be a difficult indicator to spot for most people. Pay attention to the reactions of others to your volume choices. For example, does your partner constantly ask you to turn down the volume, or has anyone remarked about the excessive volume?

Ear Training

You can also improve and maintain your hearing by training your ears. Trying to focus on different sounds can help you train your ears. A hearing test is performed by listening for a beep; you can do the same at home. Try turning the music loud and conversing with someone to focus on their words. If you close your eyes, you can also try to guess where someone is in a room by listening to them from different locations.

Lack of Normal Noise

When you lose your hearing gradually, it can be tough to recognize. A simple way to evaluate your hearing is to pay attention to background noise. Does the noise in the background of your environment sound muted or muffled? Do you hear the birds, the wind, or rain falling when you are outside? When you uncover some of the natural sounds you are missing, it’s time to see your hearing specialist.

If you suspect that you may have an issue with your hearing, keep an eye out for these signs that it’s time to make an appointment with your audiologist. 

Photo by Anthony Camerlo on Unsplash