5 Things to Buy if You Play Cricket in the Rain

If you are passionate about cricket, the last thing you want is for the weather to get in your way. However, you must prepare your cricket equipment before playing in the rain. From cricket shoe spikes to a proper rain jacket, here are five things to buy if you play cricket in the rain:

Rain Jacket

A rain jacket is essential to keep you warm and dry, especially if you play cricket in the rain. You should look for one with a hood, as this will protect your head from getting wet. The jacket should also be breathable, so it won’t trap heat inside it as much when you are playing. The jacket must be lightweight and comfortable so that it doesn’t feel like an extra burden on top of everything else you have to carry around while playing cricket in the rain. You’ll also want to look for zipped pockets inside your jacket that can hold things like keys or phones without getting wet during a downpour (or even just average rainfall).

Cricket Ball with a Leather Cover

The leather cover on a cricket ball helps keep it dry and provides durability. It can absorb water, which makes the ball more difficult to grip, but it will last longer than a synthetic cover. However, you should be prepared to pay more for a leather-covered cricket ball than a synthetic body, as the materials used in construction are generally more expensive. Also noteworthy is that though artificial surfaces are less costly than their leather counterparts and tend to be lighter (which may make them more accessible for some people’s hands), they are not as durable or absorbent as natural cowhide.

Cricket Bat Oil

Bat oil is a type of linseed oil that protects the surface of your bat. The oil helps prevent damage and can also help maintain its shine. You can apply bat oil with a cloth or spray it with a bottle. There are many brands of cricket bat oil available, and you should choose one made specifically for use on bats. Most manufacturers will include instructions on how to apply their product right on the bottle or packaging.

Wristband and Towel

When the rain starts to fall, you want to ensure that your cricket bat won’t get too wet. If you don’t have a wristband to keep it dry, your bat could become warped or damaged by the water. A good quality rubber wristband is perfect for this job as it will protect your bat from getting wet while keeping it in good condition when conditions get tough. To ensure that you have all bases covered when playing in wet conditions, we recommend buying an adjustable silicone band with tabs on both ends.

Durable Cricket Shoes

When you are playing cricket in the rain, it’s important to have waterproof shoes. It’s also crucial that your shoes are durable and comfortable. Finally, look for lightweight shoes if you want quality gear for a reasonable price. Also, ensure there are proper cricket shoe spikes to give you the grip you need during your game. There are many options for cricket footwear for adults and children alike. The best option is one that works well for your budget and meets all of the above criteria so you can enjoy the game without worrying about slipping or getting wet on those rainy days.


If you have the right equipment, nothing stops you from playing your favorite sport in the rain.

Photo by Sagar Kulkarni on Unsplash