5 Ways to Choose an Engagement Ring She Will Love

Proposing to the woman you love is an important step for every man. Nevertheless, before you actually do it, you should focus on picking the perfect engagement ring. As difficult as it may seem to find it, don’t lose hope – we want to help you out. If you consider the following steps, this process, which appears utterly challenging, will become significantly less intimidating. Let’s proceed!

Consider Her Style

Every woman has specific taste and preferences – especially when it comes to something as important as engagement rings. But how can you assess her style? How can you anticipate what type of ring she is more likely to love? In this view, it might be a good idea to check out her Pinterest boards – if she has any, of course. Still, most women have an account on this social media platform, which is all about visually appealing things – rings included.

However, what if she doesn’t have such a board? An idea might be getting hints from close friends and family members, especially if you are clueless. Alternatively, there are jewelry places such as Brilliant Earth Jewelry that offer attentive assistance.

Think of Her Personality

Even though hints from friends and family could guide you in the right direction, you might not want to ask for their help. If you want to succeed on your own, we’ll outline a range of guidelines. What type of personality does your girlfriend have?

Is she feminine and graceful? In this case, you should pick a ring with intricate, dainty details which is the definition of elegance.

Meanwhile, if your girlfriend is passionate about classic and vintage items, you should pick a ring that has a unique, vintage charm. In fact, it might be a good idea to pick a vintage ring. On the flipside, though, if your girlfriend is into modern stuff, a contemporary, non-traditional ring with a classic, minimalist design should appeal to her.

Pick the Right Size

Choosing a ring in the incorrect size can really ruin your moment. This is why you shouldn’t overlook this aspect. A good idea might be measuring one of her current pieces of jewelry. In the case in which your girlfriend doesn’t wear a lot of jewelry, you could ask the help of a friend, so that you can get the right size.

Reliable jewelry providers such as Brilliant Earth facilitate engagement rings in a wide range of sizes – so that you can select the perfect pick.

Get Acquainted with the Variety of Metals

The majority of engagement rings are made of white or yellow gold, rose gold or platinum. Also, it’s not really recommendable to pick a silver ring, since it won’t hold up as well as platinum and gold. Even if your girlfriend prefers the look of silver, white gold would be a great option, being equally aesthetically pleasing and long-lasting. Still, platinum is known as the most durable metal – even though it is the priciest.

Check the Return and Exchange Terms

Before you make an investment as important as an engagement ring, you should ensure that you comprehend the jeweler’s exchange and refund policy. For example, in the case of special size rings or custom made rings, the terms might differ, so make sure you get informed in this respect.

To conclude, these are our top tips that could help you find the perfect ring for your beloved. Make sure you analyze your options beforehand, and, first and foremost, pick something that will match your girlfriend’s personality!

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