6 Things Women Need to Know About Hiring a Personal Injury Lawyer

We have come a long way from the sentiment that a woman’s place is in the home. While some women still choose stay-at-home parent as their primary job, many others make up the workforce. Women thrive in professions where they couldn’t decades or centuries ago.

Going outside the home and joining the workforce also opens women up to some particular professional dangers. When women can do the same jobs as men, they can suffer injuries in the same way that men can.

Because of this, if you’re a woman working outside the home, you should know the basics of hiring a personal injury lawyer. A time might come when you need one on your side.

You Can Hire on a Contingency Basis

There are plenty of reasons women might need to hire a personal injury lawyer. For instance, you may:

  • Have a slip-and-fall while at work
  • Sustain a work-related injury due to coworker negligence
  • Get in a car accident while on the way to your job

In any of those instances, if you can identify another party who is at fault for what happened, then you probably have a case. But what if you feel like you don’t have the money to hire a lawyer?

You should know that in many instances, you can hire a personal injury lawyer on a contingency basis. They will not take any money unless they win the case. They also will probably not accept the case unless they feel that winning is highly likely.

You Can Usually Consult with Them for Free

If you’re injured on the job or when you’re going to or from it, then you may not be entirely sure about what your rights are. You might feel like you have a case against your employer, but you’re not a legal expert, so it’s impossible for you to know.

A personal injury lawyer consultation is almost always free. The lawyer can meet with you at their office, or, if you can’t get to them:

  • They can meet you at your home
  • They can come to see you in the hospital

They will probably be eager to do so. You’re a possible client, and they’re going to want to hear what you have to say. Self-interest motivates them: if you get millions for your lawsuit, then they can cash in as well.

It’s Nice to Have Someone Impartial on Your Side

You want to hire a personal injury lawyer in a professional capacity. They can speak for you in court, and they know all the ins and outs of this type of situation.

At the same time, though, it’s often a huge comfort to have someone on your side who will listen to you and commiserate with you. You might have a spouse or partner who fulfills that role, or a friend or relative.

The only issue is that, while they mean well, their personal involvement means they might be more emotional. A lawyer who doesn’t know you can look at the situation objectively.

That mindset, combined with their legal expertise, will probably seem refreshing to you. They can look at your situation professionally and take any emotion out of it. As long as you trust them, this relationship can help get you through this challenging time.

You Should Only Hire Based on an Excellent Track Record

With personal injury attorneys, you probably have plenty from which to choose. It’s not exactly an uncommon profession.

What you should do before you contact anyone is some extensive research. Look at the attorneys in your area, and see who is best-regarded.

Try to get lots of feedback from past clients. Has this lawyer won settlements in cases that sound like yours?

Trust Your Instincts

Once you have narrowed down the list, look at the various lawyer websites. Are they easy to navigate? Do they have client testimonials, and are the lawyer’s qualifications listed?

If you call them and set up a consultation appointment, mentally assess their office when you visit it. Is it neat and orderly, or slovenly? Does the receptionist treat you respectfully and kindly?

Once you meet the lawyer, what is your impression? Do they seem sympathetic to your situation, and does their personality seem compatible with yours?

You’re not going to be best friends with this person, but you are going to have to spend some time with them. If you can’t stand being around them, you might want to look elsewhere, even if you admire their reputation.

What Else Might Call for a Personal Injury Attorney, Other Than Workplace Accidents?

Women who suffer workplace injuries often need this type of legal help, but what other situations might arise where you need a personal injury attorney? One possibility is medical malpractice. This is where there was a surgical mistake or a misdiagnosis.

Medical professionals may act infallible, but the reality is that is far from the case. If a medical mishap occurs, hiring a lawyer is a very real possibility for you.

Another reason might be a faulty product. A manufacturing defect might harm you, which is fertile lawsuit grounds.

Maybe you contracted cancer from a product in your home. Again, you’ll need to give a lawyer all the relevant details to determine a lawsuit’s viability.

Different kinds of compensation can come from your lawsuit. You might be able to get money for your pain and suffering. With diminished earning capacity, you could be able to collect compensation if you cannot continue your career.

Loss of income is possible as well if you’re missing work because of your injuries, but you intend to go back sometime later. You might also recoup medical costs for physical therapy, surgeries, hospital transportation, etc.

Women who suffer a mishap outside the home, or sometimes even in it, would do well to consider a personal injury lawyer. You want to do so in a timely manner because often, there is a limitation statute about which you’ll need to think.  

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