6 Types of Lawyers You Might Need in Your Lifetime

Life is certainly unexpected, and we can’t always predict what is going to happen. Some of us may get married, others will start a business, and some will become regular investors. 

With all these things happening, we undoubtedly need professional advice. It’s impossible to know everything!

In this article, we are going to look at the types of lawyers that you might need in your lifetime. Sound interesting? Then keep on reading!

Family lawyer

In the US alone, around 40-50% of couples divorce. A family lawyer helps individuals that have currently experienced this or are considering separation. They will assist with parenting arrangements, property settlements, and also any issues involving child support. While some couples do choose to go through the process alone, having a lawyer is extremely beneficial, especially if you do not see eye to eye about certain things.

Estate planning lawyer

When an individual wishes to write a will, they will usually speak to an estate planning lawyer. These experienced professionals will provide advice about the situation and help correctly dispose of their estates. They ensure that the individual’s wishes are passed on after death and that everything is distributed correctly.

Personal injury lawyer

personal injury lawyer focuses on helping individuals who have been physically harmed or injured in some way. This could be due to an animal bite, construction accident, auto accident, burns, wrongful death, slip, fall, or medical malpractice. Their job is to gather evidence, evaluate their cases, and, most importantly, be an advocate for their clients.

Criminal defense lawyer

If you have been charged with a crime, you will be represented in court by a criminal defense lawyer. Regardless of whether you actually did it or not, their goal is to investigate the case and provide advice during the trial. They will assist with jury selection, negotiate any plea bargains, and try and convince the judge to limit the amount of time the defendant serves.

Business lawyer

If you have started your own business, keeping in touch with an attorney is very important. A business lawyer can help in many ways and provide you legal advice during your start-up stage. They can also help you get through any sticky situations that may involve lawsuits. For example, workplace safety issues, tax problems, and intellectual property.

Tax lawyer

Taxes can be complicated, and if you own a business or are experiencing some challenging tax issues, they can definitely be worth hiring. While they can be expensive, they can help ensure that everything is done correctly, and assist with any legal issues if you are under criminal investigation.

And that’s it! These were six types of lawyers that you may need in your lifetime. While it is possible to live a long life without having to need any assistance, in most cases, it can be extremely beneficial to be guided by a professional.

What do you think? Have you ever had to use any of these lawyers yet?

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