6 Ways to Give Your Bedroom Consistent Old-World Style

An Old-World style bedroom isn’t the place to experiment with furnishings that don’t complement each other. Between and within the pieces you choose, consistency helps create a luxurious, timeless decorating style you’ll enjoy. Here are six ways to create that cohesive style.

Narrow down your options.   

Once you’ve determined that you want an Old-World style bedroom, it makes no sense to waste your time looking at furnishings in other styles. So, start by narrowing down your options to only Old-World style furniture. An online store can serve up only the style you indicate. For example, if you go to 1StopBedrooms bedroom sets, you can tick the box for Old-World style and view a wide variety of sets and pieces in only that style.

Start with a focal piece you love.      

The focal point of your bedroom simply must fit with the style you want. So, choose an Old-World style bedroom set. While you’re at it, select one that really stands out to you as your favorite design. With that piece of furniture in place, you can decorate the rest of the room to go well with it.

Use repeating patterns.

Repeating patterns are often used to create a cohesive effect. You can buy furniture with repeating patterns, such as the carved headboard and mirror crown of the Gabriela Poster Bedroom Set. This bedroom furniture has just the ornate features this style is known for. You can also use repeating patterns in the accessories you choose.

Get rid of furnishings that don’t suit your style.

You’ve chosen your style, but the furnishings you want don’t fit in; what can you do? One thing is certain: you won’t have a cohesive style if you put an abstract painting in the same room with an Old-World bedroom set. If you truly want consistency, it’s time to let go of past favorites that don’t work here. Or, if you’re decorating another room in a different style, you may find a place for those items there.

Include a mix of comfort and formality.

Old-World style is a mix of comfort and formality. So, your mattress should be exquisitely comfortable and well-made. Added comfort can come from throw pillows with embossed covers in rich, warm colors. At the same time, your furniture and accessories should have a formal look.

Think like a royal.

Old-World style is based on the style that was prevalent in the castles of kings and queens in 16th and 17th century Europe. You can draw inspiration from movies about the era or tour a castle museum yourself to see how the style was accomplished. If you choose every piece of furniture and accessory with the idea of royalty in mind, it’s much easier to stay true to the style.

By choosing an Old-World style bedroom, you’re already going a little beyond the ordinary. Decorate your room with Old-World furniture and accessories to create a fascinating and cohesive space reminiscent of the bedrooms of long-ago European royalty.

Image by ErikaWittlieb from Pixabay 

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