8 Gifts To Shower Love On The First Wedding Anniversary Of Your Best Friend

Just a year ago you were running around like crazy to look after the preparation of the day when your best friend was about to enter his/her new life. It was a fun and frolic celebration with loud music, delicious food and tons of emotions. 

A year after, still the sentiments are running high and it is all worth it because your friend is leading a happy married life. It’s time to wish them luck for many upcoming anniversaries but the dilemma is the search for a gift that could catch their attention. 

Dinner sets and home decor are age-old news now and you cannot be seen with such a cliché gift in your hands. Your best friend always deserved something special and this event is no exception. Here are a few suggestions that may help you to pick that perfect gift for the upcoming milestone in your friend’s life:

1- Tickets For A Weekend Getaway

They will never forget this one. Present them with flight tickets to a nearby mountain resort or beach town where they can spend some quality time together, away from the grind of daily life. They will adore you for such a thoughtful gesture.

2 – Plush Robes

Made of the finest material, this will provide them with comfort and relaxation after a long tiring day. Whether they are used as a night robe or bathrobe, they will be the perfect accessory. If you could find a His & Her pair, they will make for an ideal gift.

3 – Personalised Photo Frames

Place your favorite photo of them in a beautiful photo frame engraved with a heartfelt message. It will find a significant place in their house and they will be reminded of you every time they will look at it. It is one most elegant marriage anniversary gifts for a couple.

4 – Scented Candles

They might not use them right away but these candles will come handy whenever they will plan a romantic evening at home. In a way, you are helping them being a little more romantic.

5 – Champagne

You can’t go wrong with a delicious bottle of champagne. Whenever they will pop the bottle to celebrate the occasion, they will be thinking of you fondly. 

6 – Luggage Bag

They are a new couple and they are yet to travel around the world. A nice piece of luggage will make for a distinctive yet useful gift. Bonus points if you can find the one with compartments to hold small sized essentials. 

7 – Comfortable Bedding

To have that pillow talk that will bring them closer to each other and make the feelings spark between two of them, this bedding set will be the best fit for it. Also, it will ensure a good night sleep which will make their day a lot more productive.

8 – Food Subscription Box

Get their favourite snacks delivered once a month at their doorstep for a year with a monthly snack subscription. Nobody can say no to delicious food and they will be reminded of your love on a set date every month, not that it will be needed.

Photo: Pixabay

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