8 Reasons Why You Should Have Your Event on a Floating Platform

Do you have a big birthday coming up? Or a wedding? Or maybe graduation? Do you want it to be a fun and unforgettable event? Why not have it on a floating platform? Floating platform parties are steadily becoming a popular party theme. Many of the rich and famous have celebrated special events with this theme. But what makes floating platforms so great? What makes them stand out? Here are 8 Reasons why you should have your event on a floating platform.

  1. It is very exclusive

Floating platform parties offer a great deal of exclusivity compared to other venues. These types of parties are usually situated far away from the coastline. The only way to get to them is by boat, so it is quite easy to tell who has an invitation and who doesn’t.

If you have your party in a hotel or resort, there is still a chance that some people can gatecrash it. It is a public place, and security might be lax. But if you have your event on a floating platform, the people who are there will only be the ones you invited. These types of parties can be situated miles away from the shoreline, and unless a party crasher wants to swim 50 miles of deep blue ocean, they won’t have any access to your party. 

  1. Swimming is always an option

Yet another advantage of having a party on a floating platform is the availability of the ocean. Guests can just change into swimming gear and go for a swim. This creates a pool party experience on a whole new level. Just imagine, flotillas and jet skis whizzing about, while guests swim happily in the open ocean. Just make sure that your party has a lifeguard at the ready and provide your guests with a life-jacket.

  1. It offers a myriad of great activities

One of the best things about having a floating platform party is the sights and sounds of the ocean. Nothing beats the ocean breeze and just laying down for a nice tan. You can even host scuba diving parties, where you and your guests can explore the ocean depths.  You can also have fun activities such as jetski, banana boat rides, and paragliding. Overall, floating platform parties offer many activities.

  1. It is quite safe

Although the event will be held in the middle of the ocean, you are still quite safe. Most floating platforms are made up of plastic floating docks. They are sturdy and can be assembled in various shapes to fit any design. When assembled in the right way, they can handle a huge amount of weight and provide a very stable foothold. 

Some plastic floating dock companies also offer features such as handrails and barriers to deter people from falling over the edge. Plastic floating docks are so stable that you can even set up tents and canopies on top of them and there would not be any added strain. 

  1. It can be for both casual and formal events

As it was stated earlier, floating platform parties can host various events. They are great for spring break parties, but can also be used for more intimate and formal affairs such as weddings and anniversaries. Nothing beats the ambiance of getting married in the middle of the ocean. This is especially true during sunrise or sunset, or when the golden hour sets in. It creates a romantic atmosphere that just can’t be replicated. 

  1. You don’t need too many decorations or motifs

The incredible thing about having an event on a floating platform is that you don’t have to worry too much about decorations or motifs. Decorations and motifs are only used for events because the host is afraid that the place does not have the right ambiance or it is a bit bland. But if you hold your event on a floating platform, everything will look great. What can beat the huge expanse of the ocean? What can beat the beautiful open sky or the occasional marine life popping out of the water?

For example, the event is a wedding. You don’t need to bedeck pillars with thousands of dollars worth of flowers or decorations. All you need is a simple marriage arch, and the overall effect will still be magnificent. This is the beauty of having your wedding on a floating platform. No matter the decorations, everything will still look unique. 

  1. It is a truly unique theme

One of the best things about having a party on a floating platform is that it is something that is truly unique. People can spend thousands on a garden wedding, and still host an event that is commonplace. But having an event on a floating platform, in the middle of the ocean? That is a party theme that is totally unique. The logistics and originality needed to pull off such an undertaking will make your event the talk of the town.

  1. It will be an unforgettable experience

Aside from your event garnering a great deal of attention, the overall experience itself is unforgettable. Being able to celebrate a party in the middle of the ocean, away from civilization and prying eyes or any other distractions is the ultimate way to celebrate an event. 


Having an event in the middle of the ocean might seem a bit much, but if you want to impress your guests and give them a truly unforgettable experience, then this is the way to go. 

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