8 Signs Your Carpet Needs Cleaning

Your good old carpet—you sit on it, you lay down on it, and probably spill things on it. Experts suggest your carpet should be cleaned at least one per year, but this simple household task can easily be forgotten, leaving families and guests to deal with funny smells and stains.

Daily vacuuming may help with dust, but professional carpet cleaning should be done regularly, too, especially if you have kids, pets, and a burgeoning allergy. Take heed of the following signs that your carpet needs to be treated by professionals:

  1. Your carpet has stains

This is one of the more obvious and common signs that you should have your carpet cleaned. Having friends accidentally knock over a glass of wine or a little munchkin with a nasty habit of wiping melted chocolate on the carpet are surefire reasons to have carpet cleaning Perth‘s contact numbers handy. Professional cleaners can probably get rid of the stain if you take the carpet in right away.  

  1. Your carpet has a persistent funny (or offensive) smell 

Your carpet can get stinky—being made of fabric, it absorbs the assortment of funny smells in your household. For example, families with dogs are familiar with that wet dog smell, and this sticks in the carpet or in any fabric that your dog decides to convert into a towel. And, when cooking without an exhaust, the strong odors of herbs and spices can quickly settle all over the place, your carpet included. 

Some people use baking soda and lemon to deodorize, others have dedicated carpet deodorizer handy. But if these do-it-yourself remedies fail to get that funny smell of your carpet, a deep cleaning may be in order. 

  1. Your carpet is moldy 

One obvious indication that your carpet needs cleaning is the appearance of dark spots or mold or mildew. Food and beverage spills during movie nights and wet shoes from a rainy weather can make your carpet damp for a longer period, and unfortunately drying your carpet can be a tedious process. 

Professionals suggest to have carpets with mold or mildew cleaned immediately so the problem can be addressed. If you continue to delay cleaning, even professional services may not be able to solve the problem. Besides, mold and mildew presence on your carpet can trigger a host of health issues. 

  1. Your carpet is discolored 

If you have monochromatic or block-colored carpets, it might be easier to notice when you should take them the cleaners by checking if some strange shades are appearing—this is especially true for light-colored carpets.

  1. Your carpet looks worn out 

Your absolutely stunning carpet looked really plush, fluffy and soft in the first few months of purchase. But wear and tear can be very harsh on your carpets—like a busy street, your carpet is subjected to heavy foot and body traffic on a daily basis, wearing down the fibers as a result. When you notice that your carpet looks flat and deformed, then it’s time to take it to the professionals.  

  1. You haven’t had it cleaned for at least one year

Just because you can’t see it doesn’t mean it isn’t there—it may not have the obvious signs and smells of needing professional cleaning, but proactively taking it to the cleaners can help maintain your floor cover in tiptop shape. As mentioned earlier, professionals suggest to have your carpet cleaned at least once a year. If you can’t remember the last time you had yours cleaned, you might as well take your carpet in. 

  1. Your allergies are acting up or getting worse

Not too many people think about their floors for potential allergen triggers. Many people blame the air and environment for exacerbating their allergies, but what’s under your feet can actually worsen your asthma attacks by harboring dust mites, pet dander, and other types of allergens. These organisms can trigger the condition of individuals suffering from various forms of allergies such as asthma, eczema and rhinitis. 

 If you get a nasty allergy attack every time you’re sitting close to the carpet, consider sending your carpet to the cleaners as soon as possible.    

  1. You’re getting sick 

You don’t need a doctor to tell you that the carpet in your home may trigger few health problems. Because it can catch and trap air pollutants and dangerous microorganisms such as pollen, fungi, chemicals, bacteria, cigarette smoke, tars, and other residues, your carpet can become saturated with these perilous contaminants. 


Preventing a host of health problems is the most compelling reason to clean your carpet regularly. Aside from vacuuming on a daily basis, you should strive to have it cleaned at least once a year, or as necessary if your carpet undergoes serious wear and tear.

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