A Guide to Festival Footwear

Festival season is well and truly upon us! With the likes of Glasto, Boomtown, Leeds, Reading, and Wireless on the horizon, any true festival-goer will be getting themselves prepped for summer days and nights spent dancing, drinking, eating, and singing – whether it’s glorious sunshine or typical British rain. With the right attire, your festival experience will be a 10/10. So, while packing be sure to take the advice of Koi Footwear with their very best picks for the most appropriate vegan festival footwear. 

Chunky Festival Boots

Although you may be planning to look your best, comfort is always key when it comes to the right festival footwear. This is why chunky boots are a go-to pick for fashionable shoes that will keep your feet protected from muddy fields and spilled beers. With so many faux leather chunky boot choices for both men and women, these are the perfect style of footwear for all festival-goers. Perfectly paired with denim shorts, cargo pants, maxi skirts or floral summer dresses. Break them in before you go and you’ll be well away, ready to dance the night away, blister and pain-free!

Sporty & Chunky Trainers 

If you’re certain the sun will be shining, another great versatile footwear choice is a sporty or chunky trainer. Ideal for walking and standing for hours in the music tents and across the fields. Trainers are handy for creating a casual festival look, perfect if you prefer the relaxed hippy festival style many adore. Think ‘Coachella-esque’ 70’s inspired fashion, pair a basic sporty trainer with some ripped denim shorts and fringed denim or suede jacket.  

A fun chunky trainer will add some height and dimension to your style if you prefer a more unique streetwear look and are great paired with oversized joggers or t-shirts for a chilled but cool look. They’re ideal for festivals and raves where you will be spending plenty of time in the heart of the crowd.

Strappy Sandals 

Strappy sandals are cute, fun, and perfect for summer festivals. Particularly for those of you who prefer a chilled vibe and don’t see yourself walking very far, maybe you’re a glamper as opposed to a camper. Or, you are lucky enough to be heading abroad for a weekend spent in the sun enjoying the European music scene. With so many versatile styles and designs, strappy sandals are adored by many and have been a go-to choice for festival footwear fashion for years. Koi Footwear has plenty of vegan sandals for the cutest main character vibes – from Y2K-inspired platform sandals to cute 90s jelly sandals, they’ve got you covered.

Alternatively, the traditional and fan favourite gladiator style has been worn by festival-goers year in and year out. Paired perfectly with the usual denim shorts and summer dresses or skirts, these fashion shoes will forever remain a favourite summer footwear trend. 


Festival outfits aren’t complete without accessories! Koi’s got you covered with an array of accessories to take your outfit to the next level. A classic festival staple is a bucket hat – thousands of British festival-goers are seen wearing these every year and are perfect for avoiding sunburn and looking amazing at the same time. You can store your essentials, like your phone, portable charger, suncream, cash and sunglasses in a strappy, over the shoulder mini bag. They can also add a pop of colour to your ‘fit!

If you still need a little guidance here are some simple dos and don’ts to getting your festival footwear and packing just right: 

DO Check the weather forecast and pack accordingly 

DO Plan out your outfits to make sure you don’t over or under-pack

DO Consider the location of the festival you are attending

DO Be brave and adventurous, after all a festival is no time to hold back! 

DO Opt for comfort where possible 

DON’T Take your most expensive pair of shoes, instead choose something sustainable, vegan and affordable 

DON’T Forget to pack extra socks and underwear 

DON’T Pack your stiletto heels, good luck getting out of the mud in 6-inch heels! 

DON’T Leave your toes too exposed! Sandals are great but be careful in busy crowds as some over-excited music fans could result in some toe-related injuries… 

Photo by Hannah Jacobson on Unsplash

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