A Guide to Renting an Apartment in Brooklyn

Brooklyn has become one of the most popular areas of New York for renting an apartment. But with so many things to consider, it’s a difficult process from initial inquiry to finding that final place to rent. 

Get on the fast track to a stress-free search with our guide to finding the best rental apartments in the Brooklyn area

Knowing the best area for your needs

With such a varied culture of people, Brooklyn has a great deal to offer everyone. But make sure that you’re looking for apartments within an area that’s suited to your needs.

Whether you need the quiet neighborhood vibe or the buzz and bustle of young creatives, you’ll find it in Brooklyn. Just don’t be afraid to be clear with your realtor about your preferences. 

Knowing what kind of apartment you want 

As one of the most varied boroughs of New York, there are living styles for all tastes and preferences. Do you love the idea of communal living spaces, or need privacy and access to your own amenities? Do you dream of renting a studio space with a minimalist feel, or are you all about the decor and furnishings of a modern apartment?

There’s no wrong answer here, and knowing exactly what you want will help to narrow the search down considerably.

Knowing the daily commute

If you’re close to deciding on your dream apartment, take some time to practice the daily commute to and from work. Stick to the real hours you’ll be using public transportation and test yourself in the rush hours of Brooklyn. 

With so many fast links and several access points to transportation around the surrounding New York areas, you’ll be spoilt for choice. But by doing this practice run, you’re eliminating concerns and focusing on bigger matters instead. 

Knowing your weekly routine 

Now that you’ve mastered the daily commute, have you considered your weekly routine in this new apartment? Whether it’s finding the closest place to do laundry, joining a new gym, or enjoying a good book in a nearby park, you’ll need access to your weekly conveniences. 

Knowing your future goals 

Ask yourself one extremely important question – am I planning to stay in Brooklyn for the foreseeable future while I achieve my goals? 

This can provide you with some clarity on what truly matters in your next apartment. If you’re in it for the long haul, then comfort and convenience matter. If you’re planning to spend a year or two there before moving on again, do you really need that extra few feet of space (and the price that comes with it)? 

Knowing you’re renting in the right community 

Renting an apartment in Brooklyn is more than simply coming home and sleeping between your four walls. It’s a thriving collective of creatives, friendly families with generations of experience in the area, and new faces at local hotspots. 

So, if you’re planning to make your renting adventure in Brooklyn a future permanent home, be sure you’ve found the best place to make new friends, achieve your goals, and enjoy your life!

Image by S Y from Pixabay