A Little More About Tanzanite Earrings

You must be wondering what is this about the blue stone that can be seen almost all the famous people wearing. The jewelries with this stone are ruling over the ornaments industry. Just to let you know, the famous stone is called Tanzanite and is found only in Tanzania. The gemstone was named by Tiffany & Co. and they launched this in the market in 1968. Later it was chosen as a December birthstone. It is depicted to be one of the hardest stones in the world and is available in few other colours than blue. After Sapphire, tanzanite has become the favorite blue stone in the market and one of the reasons for this is that it is quite cheaper than Sapphire. The cutters can modify the gemstone in various ways as the stone shows different hues of blue when seen from different angles. 

The stiffness of the stone makes it easy to make jewelry out of it. Necklaces, earrings, rings all look very sleek and royal with this stone on it. The best part is you can wear these for official meetings to weddings or to any party. It just goes with everything beautifully and complements your entire look.

Tanzanite is now available at a price per carat which makes it no less than a diamond or any other gem. Also with the acceptance as a december birthstone along with blue zircon it has become quite popular among the december borns. The rare availability of the stone makes it more demandable. It is mined only for about 25 years whereas diamonds and others are mined for 1000s of years.

Who does not want to own a rare piece of a stone as an earring, ring or necklace? Each bucks spent on this is worth spending. You not only get a rare piece but you also own an item which has excellent investment options.  Further, tanzanite is believed to enable higher consciousness and incites intuition and perception. So if you are a stone person, you should have this in your collection. Besides being a December birthstone, it is also the gem for the 24th wedding anniversary. So, if you are wondering what to gift your partner on your wedding anniversary or on any special occasion, a tanzanite earring won’t be a bad idea.

If we consider the reverse scenario, why not get a mens bracelet for your partner and cherish the beauty of it. Simultaneously, if you are looking for wedding bands a tanzanite ring will do the perfect job. Nothing can ever beat a tanzanite necklace when it comes to a sophisticated gift. A beautiful tanzanite stud bordered with diamonds gives you all of the queen vibes and a marvellous dangling or hoop earring with tanzanite and platinum and with silver sterling can be a perfect earring for your wedding day or wedding reception. One of the major advantages of these earrings is that they suit every age group of women. Whether it be stud or a dangling earring, literally everyone can pull this off. Alsot the availability of different hues of blue in tanzanite makes it even more demandable and attractive. 

Breaking the norms, there are earrings also available for men. A deep blue tanzanite stone earring held with platinum beads is perfect for any occasion. To evaluate your fashion and accessory game, a tanzanite stud is must have in every men’s collection. The stud looks royal and subtle and is enough to complement a complete outfit. There are different shapes available as in – round, triangular and in square shape. Choose accordingly which fits your ear lobe and flaunt it to your best. For a more gorgeous outcome you can also choose studs with diamond borders. The combination of diamond and blue tanzanite blends in well and gives a nice colour contrast when worn with different coloured fits. 

Tanzanite stone when carved into a beautiful earring with gold or platinum metals are supposed to steal all the glances. Wear an exquisite piece in a room full of people and be assured that all of them will be complimenting you. With all the trends on instagram and famous people wearing it, you can be a trendsetter in no time and everyone will look up to you for jewelry fashion ideas. A lot depends on choosing the perfect jewellery for any occasion but a tanzanite earring makes your work so much easier. Pair the earring with any diamond or platinum necklace and a beautiful ring or bracelet and you are all set to be no less than a jewellery inspiration. These earrings are also perfect if you want to give them as a present. Amidst gold, diamonds, and platinum, an extraordinary pair of tanzanite earrings will shine brightly.

To keep this exquisite jewelry safe you would need a marvellous jewelry box.

Photo by Invalid Account on Unsplash

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