A Single Woman’s Guide to Moving: 8 To-Dos for the Modern Mover

As a modern woman, you are more than capable of handling things on your own. But even the most independent of people can succumb to the pressures of moving. Between packing up your every belonging to locking down your future forever home, the number of stressors is more than overwhelming. In addition, as a single woman, you must also navigate potential predatory services that will overcharge you for moving costs. 

Are you preparing to make a move? Consider these eight to-dos for the modern mover. 

Acknowledge you’ll need some help along the way 

Packing boxes and organizing the move are all things you can do independently, but more oversized items will require a few hands to move. If you plan to bring large kitchen appliances, for example, consider hiring a reliable moving company. To ensure a smooth experience, read reviews that indicate they offer fair prices to single women. Additionally, you might consider shipping your car to your chosen destination, especially when moving across the country. Reliable companies like Guardian Auto Transport ensure your vehicle is shipped without a scratch. 

Set a relocation budget 

The cost of moving is nothing to take lightly. To avoid the financial pressures of an overextended budget, start saving for your move early on. Anticipate surprise expenses such as insurance quotes or the cost of fuel for large moving trucks. 

Start sorting 

Don’t wait until the last minute to begin sorting through your home. Start by handcrafting a packing list a few months ahead of your move. When charging through your checklist, work your way through each room in the house. You may even take the opportunity to part ways with items you don’t need or use. After all, moving to a new place gives you the chance to start fresh. 

Make an essentials list 

In the process of making your packing list, make sure to designate a section for essential items. Must-haves like bathroom products, a fresh set of clothing, and general kitchen utensils should be packed into easily accessible boxes. After all, there’s nothing worse than rummaging through boxes, desperately searching for a toothbrush on your first official night. 

Defrost the refrigerator 

Before you pack up the fridge, you’ll need to defrost it properly to avoid water damage and bacteria growth. Defrosting takes around eight hours, so it’s best to start the process one to two days before your moving date. Don’t forget to clean every surface and remove drawers if necessary. 

Secure your new home 

The first night spent in your new home might feel a bit unfamiliar, but a reliable security system might allow you to sleep soundly (and worry-free) in your new living space. Ahead of your move, hire a security service to install cameras, fire alarms, and new locks. As a single woman, ensuring your safety in a new place is a top priority. 

Follow up with the mover 

If you decide to hire a moving service, make sure you’ve discussed the moving day schedule. Cover tiny details such as the route you will travel to your new home. You should also establish a time to begin the journey and inspect the moving truck for quality concerns. Finally, don’t forget to keep track of the weather on your moving date, and ask the service provider if they are willing to be flexible should a storm arise. 

Relax and unpack 

After unpacking the essentials box, give yourself time to settle into your new home. After navigating the stressful process of moving out, there is no need to rush unpacking every box on the first night. Taking your time to unpack also ensures the proper organization of each room. 

Final thoughts 

Uprooting your life and moving to a new place is stressful enough, not to mention moving as a single woman. However, with the proper preparation and research, you can ensure your moving day is emotional-breakdown-free. 

Photo by Ketut Subiyanto from Pexels

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