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From weddings to homes, from sunflowers to Christmas garlands, read on to discover all you need to know about flowers…

Wedding Anniversary Flowers 

Are you struggling to find a gift to buy your loved one on your wedding anniversary? This can get even more challenging as the years go by. However, one thing that never fails is flowers. There are so many wedding flowers online to choose from, but did you know that every anniversary has its own flower? Read on to discover everything you need to know.

As there are flowers for all anniversary years, you will never run out of ideas, and this can make buying presents a lot easier in the future. So, let’s take you through the different flowers for each anniversary so you know exactly what to look for when shopping at the likes of Fig & Bloom for flowers online. Pansies and carnations are both associated with the 1st wedding anniversary. If you are celebrating your 2nd wedding anniversary, you should purchase cosmos while fuchsias are ideal for a 3rd wedding anniversary. You then have geraniums for a 4th wedding anniversary, daisies for a 5th wedding anniversary, and beautiful calla lilies for a 6th wedding anniversary. If your 7th wedding anniversary is approaching, Jack-in-the-Pulpit is the flower to choose while clematis is for the 8th wedding anniversary, and poppies are for the 9th wedding anniversary. If you are coming up to the ten-year landmark, daffodils are ideal. Roses are for the 15th wedding anniversary. If you have managed 20 years together, day lilies are ideal, and iris is the flower of the 25th wedding anniversary. Sweet pea is for the 30th wedding anniversary, nasturtiums are for 40 years together, and, finally, for your 50th wedding anniversary you should be buying your partner violets. 

Put A Smile On Someone’s Face

Is there a flower that boasts an appearance as cheery and vibrant as that of the sunflower? Sunflowers are assured to put a smile on anyone’s face. 

Sunflowers have been popular for many years now. They were first grown in South and Central America. However, back then, they were more popular for providing food and oil as opposed to their beauty. Nevertheless, as time has gone on, their unique appearance has been adored more and more. There are many stories and representations of this flower throughout history. For example, the Impressionist period of art is famous for having a fascination with this flower. If you rewind the clock back even further, you will see that a giant sunflower was actually worshipped by the Inca Empire. Incan priestesses would wear gold sunflower disks on their garments too. 

Today, these flowers are as popular as they have ever been, although the meaning is general much broader. Sunflowers are, of course, linked with the sun itself, conveying feelings of adoration, happiness, warmth, and longevity. In addition to this, the sunflower is the state flower of Kansas, and it is the 3rd wedding anniversary flower. So, you know exactly what flowers to buy your partner when this date comes. 

Modern Flower Ideas

If you are looking to enhance the beauty of your home or office with artificial flowers, this post is just for you. With so many beautiful flower arrangements available online, it can be difficult to narrow down your search. 

Vibrant flower arrangements are at the height of popularity at the moment. Mixing yellow and orange with pink and red; we aren’t afraid to go for something bold and daring with our choice of flowers. These arrangements can easily add joyfulness to a space and can distract someone from the stresses and strains of everyday life. 

Another trend that has come back in fashion is the floral table centrepiece. More and more people are investing in stunning flower arrangements to adorn their dining tables and such like, adding beauty to an area that is the basis for fun and socialising. Gold is also widely being used as an accent in arrangements containing flowers. Of course, you will not be able to buy gold flowers if you go for a fresh bouquet, yet with artificial blooms the options are endless. 

We are also seeing ‘lush and blush’ bouquets and arrangements increasing in popularity. These arrangements look elegant and romantic, using pastel shades and opulent and oversized flowers. Pink, gold, and cream is undoubtedly one of the most sought after colour combinations. 

Christmas Swags And Garlands 

The day the Christmas tree is dragged down from the loft and erected marks the start of the festive season for many people. Nothing lifts the spirits more than fairy lights, tinsel and baubles. This year, why not make sure your whole house is adorned with Christmas swags and garlands?

You may not have heard the term ‘swag’ before. It’s a word dating back to Middle English, spoken during the period from the 12th to 15th century, which means ‘to cause to sway or sag’. Like the more common term ‘Christmas garland’, it refers to a suspended length of foliage, flowers or fruit which is fastened at either end and gathered into equidistant loops or left hanging down in the middle. Traditionally, such decorations of flowers and foliage have long been hung up across a mantelpiece or over a doorway, in homes or on the exterior of properties, to celebrate Christmas and other festivals. In the past, they were often constructed from types of trees and plants with specific meanings. Notably, the use of evergreen varieties denoted the belief that life is eternal and even in winter when most plants die back, there is the knowledge that spring and rebirth will come again. When holly was used in Christmas garlands, it was for the powers of protection and good fortune this tree was believed to offer. Fir was also a common component: this sturdy tree signified strength and friendship. Whatever their past meaning, there is no doubt that such garlands are an attractive addition to any Christmas display today.

Reasons To Buy Online

From adorning your home, to decorating your wedding venue, to purchasing flowers for the purpose of selling them on, there are many different reasons why you may need to get your hands on stunning artificial blooms. Irrespective of what applies, you are advised to buy flowers online. Read on to discover the reasons why.

You are going to have a much better selection to pick from when you buy flowers online. No matter what you have in mind, you will be able to find it, and there are even companies that will be happy to source the item you want if they do not have it on their website, so it is always worth asking. The same certainly cannot be said when buying in-store, as you are going to be limited to the very few products that are available – that is if you can even find anywhere that sells flowers in your local area. If you do, it is very likely that you are going to have to compromise on your wants. 

Not only this, but you will spend a lot more money if you do not buy your artificial blooms online. Online prices are always cheaper, and this is for various reasons. Firstly, e-stores do not have the costs that are associated with running a shop, such as rental prices. Moreover, local businesses only compete with other businesses in the area whereas online companies compete on a national and even global scale so they lower their prices for the purpose of standing out from the competition.

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