All About the Accessories

Any budding fashionista knows that their outfit is only half the story. The other half is how they style it, and the most essential items for styling are accessories including bags, jewelry, shoes, and scarves. So if you want to make sure your look is spot on all of the time, read on for some advice that is all about the accessories.


Whatever they tell you, people do look at your shoes. Your outfit can be on point, but if the shoes throw it off, then all that hard work means nothing.

In fact, you shouldn’t think of accessorizing with shoes as an afterthought, but as an essential part of bringing your whole look together.

First, make sure whatever you pick you can walk in them! Second, choose the shoe with the outfit in mind. For example, a high pump will look marvelous with a pencil skirt. As it will elongate your legs, as well as give that vintage glamor vibe that is so on trend right now. But replace them with flat ballet shoes, and the look is not as striking or as flattering.


Now, bling matters. You know it, I know, everyone knows it. The jewelry that you wear can make or break your outfit, so it’s important to get it right.

But actually accessorizing with jewelry can be a minefield. You don’t want to wear too much and come across gauche, and you don’t want to wear the wrong shape, color, or style.

Remember that the shape of necklace needs to match the neckline that you are wearing. The color of any metal needs to complement and not work against your skin tone, and the shape and size need to be both in fashion and appropriate to your body shape.

All this is fine, of course, if you are into the detail and challenge of it all, but sometimes we don’t want to spend days deciding on which is the exact piece of jewelry that you need to set off your outfit.

In that case, it can be better to go for something effortlessly elegant and classic like the baubles available at events like this Swarovski sale. In fact, crystal allows a good choice because it reflects the light, and looks expensive, but is still within most people’s price range.


Scarves are a great accessory for any woman’s wardrobe. This is because not only are they practical items of clothes being used to keep warm, but they are also a fantastic way to add a little color or flair to your outfit.

Scarves are usually relatively inexpensive and follow the fashion trends. That means you can get a scarf for a quarter of the price of an outfit in the most bang on trend colors and designs.

You can also use them to them to lift a simple monotone outfit. Or to accessorize a more complicated to look to give it the right vibe. They really are the stylist’s best friend.