Apartment Hunting Tips for Single Women

We all struggle to find the perfect apartment that is affordable and fits our needs. Apartment hunting can get boring and tiring, especially if you have no idea where to start. Here are some tips that will help you to find an affordable apartment:

Know Your Stuff

Check whether the apartment that you are considering charges extra for parking and pets. You need to ask about parking fees and pet ownership. You also need to find out whether you will be paying for your own utilities. Some apartments use ratio utility billing systems, which means that people who do not use much electricity will be stuck paying other people’s expensive bills.

Does the apartment offer preferred employer discounts or military discounts? You should take several minutes of your time to find this out if you want to save money. Before you start searching for apartments in Bellevue WA like this, for example,  you need to conduct plenty of research.

Get Roommates

When you get roommates, you can live in luxury apartments and split the costs. You are more likely to get a good apartment with a large income than a single income. When you rent apartments with a roommate, they will be affordable. If you are in doubt about what kind of luxury apartment to choose, visit this website: https://www.thevueresidences.com/.

Look for Middle Floor Units

Rent prices are usually lower for apartments that are neither on the ground floor or top floor. This is mostly because people like to have easy access to their homes from the ground floor and great views from the top floors. However, if you are willing to settle for imperfect views and inconvenient stairs, you will end up saving plenty of money.

Choose Amenities Wisely

Most renters prefer to have laundry machines inside the house. People snatch up units with laundry machines first before others find them. If you opt for an apartment without in-unit laundry, you will pay less than the other tenants will. If you are willing to forego some luxuries, you will pay a lower rent.

Negotiate a Fixer-upper

If you are willing to put in the work, you can rent a fixer-upper and make improvements for yourself. Choosing an apartment that needs a fresh coat of paint and a new faucet will be cheaper than renting an expensive apartment that does not require any fixing.

However, if the apartment is in desperate need of a makeover, you can negotiate for much cheaper rent. Depending on how good your negotiating skills are you will end up saving thousands of dollars.

Check out Brand New Properties

If there is a brand new building in the area, you should not just assume that the rent is too high for you. Newer properties tend to offer a rent-free first month as a way to attract new tenants. Moreover, you can get additional freebies such as free parking. Such perks can make a big enough difference to make any apartment affordable for you.

Avoid Moving during popular Moving Times

The availability of units during popular moving times makes the rent higher. This means that you should avoid moving during popular move times. To figure out the popular moving times, you should look at the neighborhood that you want to live in and consider the weather.

During the renting off-season, the property owners are more likely to offer lower rates to keep up their rates of occupancy. If you start apartment hunting at the right time, you will end up paying cheaper rent.


Most people do not enjoy apartment hunting but the above tips will help you to find the right apartment for your needs. You can enjoy apartment hunting by cutting down the unpleasant elements.

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