Are Blue Light Glasses Really Helpful?

Our eyes are the most delicate sensory organ of the body. They need the most care and in the era of digitalisation when we are exposed to digital devices such as phones, tablets, television computers etc. Now that we are in the exposure to blue light in extreme amounts because of the high use of LEDs. It would be best if we use blue light reading glasses especially while working on the devices to avoid fatigue in the eyes and loss of focus and other symptoms. This is why it is important to find a great relief in blue light glasses which can easily filter out the blue light and save our eyes from its harmful effect

What is blue light?

When we are using digital devices like smartphones, computer screens, office fluorescent light television and other places even the sun emits blue light. Blue light is surrounding us from every direction full stop while all the colours are present in the sun including green Orange red in blue but the energy level of every colour varies. For red and orange longer wavelengths are required along with less energy while the blue is of shortest wavelength in the light spectrum. Normally it is emitted by the Sun when we are outside but now that we are exposed to them more indoors, especially through having screen time. Although it is inevitable to reduce screen time, you can reduce their exposure by using blue light glasses. 

What are blue light reading glasses?

Blue light reading glasses are special glasses made to block the blue light when we are exposed to them. If you wear blue light-blocking glasses you can avoid the eye strain and damage which can potentially affect your sleep cycle. This blue light is responsible for the disturbance in the sleep cycle. Altho it is not a widely researched topic about the light blocking, they have been harming human health dramatically through the years. It is suggested by professionals that if you are using a screen for a prolonged period you should definitely consider using blue light glasses to reduce their exposure in the eyes. 

Blue light filter glasses are beneficial in enhancing visual performance, improving the quality of sleep and macular health reservation. It is also helpful in providing the best quality sleep and avoiding the strain on the eyes.

How can blue light affect?

Exposure to blue light naturally has some positive effects but if you are exposed through artificial means it can affect your health.

  • Straining over your eyes can be caused by the screen’s blue light.
  • One can face constant fatigue because of blue light.
  • Disturbance in the sleep
  • Constant headache and eye problems.


Blue light exposed through natural means can improve the congenital function of circadian rhythm alertness in the daytime. But if the same light is exposed in the nighttime or for a prolonged period it can affect your health and biological cycle. This is why if the exposure is unavoidable you should use a blue light filter glass.

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