Baby Carriers Abound but Being a Plus-Size Mom Does Make the Choice of One Very Important

Many women today across the globe are what is considered “plus-size”.  This no longer is considered a detriment and most women today do not worry about their weight as much as they did in past decades.  However, plus-size women do have certain specific needs, and choosing a great baby carrier that is comfortable all day long for them and the baby is one of these needs.  Finding these types of carriers is now simpler than ever too, due to the emergence of online review sites such as 

Babies are now taken almost everywhere with their mothers and carriers and all types exist.

Everything from seat carriers which can then be transported from an automobile, to another location, or sling and shoulder carriers, that can be used when walking are in abundance.  There is a large selection and it does pay to do research and find which is right for a baby and a mother.  Especially when a mother is plus-size, comfort for herself and the baby matter highly.  Most moms do choose more than one type, with a seat carrier for transportation needs which also doubles as a car seat, and a body carrier for easy mobility of the baby when walking anywhere. 

Mobility might be a bit harder for plus-size moms, therefore a carrier needs to be flexible yet sturdy.

Although being a plus-size is not a deterrent overall, it does bring with it some challenges.  Mobility might not be as easy for a plus-size mom, especially when she might also have a big baby to take with her.  Carriers can be hard materials or soft structure, but the mobility that can be achieved is always the top priority.  Comfort is also a priority and sturdiness, as carriers take a lot of usage over their product life span.  Budget is always a consideration, but sturdiness, mobility and comfort should take precedence during selection. 

There are so many types available online now but choosing one online needs guidance. does provide selection and guidance on choices of carriers for plus-size moms.  It is difficult for a new mom to find the time and energy to go out and shop while taking care of a baby.  It has also become more difficult to purchase items offline now in stores as with the Pandemic many items are limited.  A good selection with great descriptions on size and usage, as well as comfort level does need to be sought online now.  There are many styles and sizes to suit every need.  Some great styles and types include:

  • Wraps, which as their name suggests can wrap the baby in line with a mom’s body.
  • Slings, which are like a wrap but simply are slung over the body.
  • Mei-Tei, which is a little-known type, but is a combination of a sturdy type and softer type and comes with a variety of straps.  It can be adjusted in many ways and can lie across a woman’s hips and abdomen in a variety of ways. 
  • Backpacks, which are an old staple, but very much used still today by many moms.  The baby’s legs can hang out, but the neck and head are supported. 
  • Structured, which is somewhat like a Mei-Tei but sturdier.  The handles are usually very wide for ease of carrying with this style.

Of course, affordability must also be considered.  Most moms choose more than one style.

So cost is always a consideration.  The best type of carriers should be chosen if possible however, as a cheap carrier can be uncomfortable, and wear out, and even possibly cause injury to a plus-size mom’s back, or the little one that she is transporting if they would unfortunately fall out when a carrier strap breaks.  A little common sense, research, and a good selection by a plus-size mom in a choice of carrier will lead in the long run to a better, safer, and more comfortable experience for all plus size moms and their babies.  Enjoyment is a feature that should be sought, as nothing is more delightful than being out and about with your baby in the world.  Cheap, hastily purchased carriers for plus-size moms only cause frustration and anxiety each time mom and baby venture out into the world.  Taking the time to check all sizes, types, and usages pays off in more quality time for both mom and baby.  With so much to choose from now plus size moms no longer have to “settle” for what they can find.  They have a great amount of options now in baby carriers. 

Photo by Josh Willink from Pexels

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