Bored of your midseason style? Try one of these 4 ideas to fall in love with your look again

We all know that summer means that your t-shirts, skirts, pretty shorts, maxi dresses and your favourite pair of sandals have taken pride of place in your wardrobe. But as the summer months roll on, our summer style can seem a bit tried. Or boring. It makes sense to invest in several good pieces of clothing and wear them on a rotation (it’s better for the environment and even better for your wallet!) but falling out of love with these select items seems inevitable. 

So, how can you give your midseason style a bit of a reboot? Well, here you’ll find 4 ideas that will hopefully have you falling in love with your look once again.

Update your eyewear

Perhaps you already have a pair of trusty sunglasses at home, or maybe you wear contact lenses instead of frames? Either way, switching up your eyewear and stepping out in a new style like cat eye glasses or even these black sunglasses from Eye Buy Direct can really give your style a lift. There are literally thousands of frames and styles out there, the hardest part is choosing which ones you like best! Find something that reflects your personality and gives you confidence – you’ll find that people will notice something different about you…but they’re not sure what! 

Try a new nail polish

Sometimes a subtle change can make a huge difference, and you might find that a little splash of colour is the best way to switch up your look. Play around with bright and breezy colours or try a particular style you’ve always wanted to experiment with. Neon colours, sparkles and glitter, even fancy nail art. And don’t forget your toes too. There’s nothing that compliments a pair of beautiful sandals more than perfectly painted toes. 

Switch up your makeup 

We’re busy people, which means that any makeup we manage to apply during our hectic morning routine is a blessing. But have you consider changing your makeup to give your look a boost? You don’t have to bin the entire contents of your makeup bag – we all know that makeup is expensive – instead try adding a few extra pieces to boost your daily routine. A new bold lip colour, or lip gloss, or make your eyes pop with a new eyeshadow. Or, why not go all out and try a fake tan for a real summer glow? Give it a try and you’ll turn heads for all the right reasons! 

Splurge on a new accessory 

You don’t have to blow your budget; in fact I wouldn’t recommend it, but accessories are a girl’s best friend, especially when they want to change their look dramatically. Go for something that can complement any outfit or perfectly transition your outfit from day to night. A pair of statement earrings, a bold necklace, a belt, a gorgeous day bag, or even some wrist wear like a watch or jewellery. 

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