Bridesmaid Etiquette: 5 Rules to Follow

So, you’ve been asked to take part in your friend’s special day as a bridesmaid. Congratulations! A wedding is an exciting time for everyone and there’s no better way to support your friend than to take part in her wedding day. At the same time, knowing exactly what you need to do as a bridesmaid can be a little nerve-racking

Don’t stress! This guide has you covered. There are five essential rules to follow as a bridesmaid, and they’re easier than you might think. Most of the weight falls on the maid of honor’s shoulders, allowing you to keep things simple while still offering ample support to your friend while planning the big day.

Don’t Be Late, For Anything

There are a lot of events you’ll take part in leading up to the wedding. Bridal showers, rehearsal dinners, and more will all take place in the coming months. To help keep the bride-to-be and the rest of the bridesmaid party sane, show up early whenever you can.

With a little extra downtime, you can help with any tasks that make the event less stressful for the bride-to-be. She may need to vent about her frustrations with the planning process, or you and the other bridesmaids might need to talk about the next phase in wedding preparations. Whatever the case may be, showing up early gives you the time you need to take care of business.

Just Say Yes, But Give Your Opinion

As a bridesmaid, you’ll be asked your opinion on all sorts of things. Ultimately, however, the bride-to-be has the final say on everything. When asked about attire for the wedding, don’t be afraid to let your friend know about the best bridesmaid dresses online. At the same time, say yes to whatever dress style she chooses.

By agreeing with the final decision, you’re making the process easier for your friend. Simply saying yes isn’t enough, though. Offering a helpful opinion or pointing your friend in the right direction helps move the planning process along while taking some weight off of the bride’s shoulders.

For instance, you can let your friend know that usinga crowdfunding site like Honeyfund can help with the financial burden of wedding planning.

Get the Party Started

On the big day, people tend to be reluctant to hit the dance floor. Now is the time for you and your fellow bridesmaids to shine. Get the party started by busting a move and watch as other guests begin to loosen up and have a good time.

Set the Example

It’s tempting to overindulge on alcohol or take a million selfies during the big day, but don’t. Set a good example by keeping your phone away at key wedding moments and try not to get too drunk. Even though the final day is here, you’ll still need to offer support to your friend throughout the day.

Have Fun!

 There’s plenty of planning to be done as a bridesmaid, but the most important thing you can do for your friend is have a good time. If you’re having fun, then so are they. Help them enjoy their special day by being the friend that you are. That’s why they chose you to be a bridesmaid in the first place!

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