Bringing Real-World Attention To Your Online Store

When running an eCommerce store, most of your attention is naturally going to be directed at how to direct as much online traffic to your store as possible, ensuring you’re generating your clicks in the way most likely to lead to conversions. However, people who aren’t currently online could be just as interested in the products you have to offer as those who are. How do you reach your audience in the physical world, as well?

Make yourself known at trade shows

Trade shows and industry conferences are a great way to get your name out there, to meet customers face to face, and pitch your new products and service innovations to the audience that is most likely to be interested in them. They are far from suited to offline business alone. Taking your business to a trade show gives you a real opportunity to raise brand awareness amongst both industry professionals and customers. It also helps you gain highly targeted leads on the people most likely to convert to your customers and can leave a fantastic impression on attendees when done right, perhaps even to the point of turning them into your own brand ambassadors. Trade shows remain one of the most effective ways to put businesses on an even playing field with their competitors, so they are well worth looking at.

Crack the code between online and offline

Out of all of the attempts to tie the online world to the physical world, in marketing, the QR code remained one of the most effective and popular ones for a long time. When you make a QR code, you are effectively giving smartphone and portable device users a code that they take a picture of, that will then direct them to your website or any specific page that you want them to visit. As such, QR codes are extremely versatile, allowing you to print anything from flyers to billboards to business cards with a code that can then take your customers directly to your website.

Make the media your friend

There’s nothing to say that you can’t advertise your online store via traditional methods such as mail, TV, and radio. However, you may be even better able to make use of traditional media methods by networking with journalists and news outlets, especially those most relevant to your audience or industry. Getting journalists to write about your business isn’t easy, and it takes time to nurture a relationship to get them on board with doing that. However, not only is it another way of getting people to potentially click on your website but it also shines a more prestigious light on your business. People consider journalists and news organizations as trusted resources and that trust can rub off on your brand.

The majority of your marketing budget is always likely to remain fixed in the world of online marketing. However, with the tips above you can make sure you’re not missing a significant portion of your audience who could be ready to convert if you gave them the opportunity.

Image by meguraw645 from Pixabay 

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