How People Who Are Busy Can Do Their Journal Every Day

Journaling requires more than willpower; setting time aside everyday to write down your thoughts and feelings is hard, and it gets harder everyday as life gets in the way. The idea of making small moves, just to fall back into old habits is getting old.

You Need to Stop Starting All Over Again

The moment you find yourself struggling between your love for journaling and who you are (a procrastinator who never gets around to consistent journaling); you become incongruent and unhappy. Your mind cannot connect who you intend to be with who you are, creating a state of mental exhaustion, regret and a sense of guilt that you are a fraud to yourself and the people around you.

When you are working to bring more harmony into your life, you need to find one keystone habit that helps everything else fall into place. A keystone habit, such as journaling, creates a chain reaction, where you start adapting positive habits that gradually change every aspect of your life.

Journaling on a Daily Basis

Journaling is one of the most powerful keystone habits you can introduce into your life. Through journaling, you become more aware of the things in your life, you develop a deeper sense of gratitude and you become intentional in your activities.

Once you understand the benefits of journaling, you will pick up your journal and make it a daily habit.

Tap into Your Creative Potential

Many people today live their lives on the terms of others; they spend their lives in a reactionary state waiting for the approval of others. This is evident in unhealthy habits such as checking email or social media first thing in the morning, which forces you to start your day guided by the agendas of other people. Dedicating the first minutes of your day to journaling allows you tap into all the creative ideas your brain was subconsciously brewing in your sleep, and you set the tone for the day.

Gain Clarity on Your Goals

Your journaling time is also a good time for you to hone your to-do list, review your daily goals and set your vision. Making this a daily habit engrains your vision and goals into your subconscious; slowly, your goals consume your inner world and start manifesting themselves in your reality.

Journaling helps you notice inconsistencies in your life. You gain clarity on what you need to include or remove in your life to reach your goals. You become clear in your intentions and in the steps you need to take to bring your vision to life, which gives you confidence in making the big and small decisions.

Making Journaling a Daily Habit

The benefits above and many other others such as developing a habit of gratitude; helping you gain work-life balance; allowing you to process your emotions and allowing you to introduce structure into your life should prompt you into dedicating yourself to journaling.

In the technological era, you can now use your mobile devices to get prompts when you need to journal.

Some of the most popular apps include:

  • Day One
  • Diarium
  • Journey
  • Glimpses
  • Penzu
  • Five Minute Journal

Most of these apps are available for free with premium features accessible at a fee. So people, these apps are fantastic as they can allow you to do your journal just about anywhere, so try out different ones and find the right fit for your busy lifestyle! And if you want customized one than reach out to a company that can build you a custom mobile app.

So that you can be effective and consistent journaling your life daily as most People should. Whether you choose the old-fashioned pen and paper or invest in an app to help you write down your thoughts, you will start to see your life change in a few weeks time.

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