Can We Achieve Professional Freedom?

In the modern world, there are more people than ever that are craving some form of freedom. Professionally speaking, the current working landscape doesn’t lend itself that well to the idea of professional freedom. After all, people are expected to give more than 110% to their roles, and it appears that they should be grateful for the fact that they have a job that’s not professionally fulfilling or demands more than the average person is willing to give. So as far as the idea of freedom is concerned, it’s one that is fleeting. And so, let’s address this, in the year 2019, where uncertainty is the baseline; are we able to achieve the idea of professional freedom? And if so, how do we go about doing this?

Going Down The Path Well-Trodden

As more people express dissatisfaction with their employers, the one obvious temptation is to branch out into your own niche and forge a career for yourself. For many, the freedom of an entrepreneur is unparalleled. After all, on the surface, you have the opportunity to start on something you really want in life. But for many people, it’s an alien concept. When we look back to the market crash a decade ago, so many people ended up starting their own businesses because they had no other option- one small job had around 50 applicants (at the very least). But when we look to starting our own income stream, there are numerous options for the average person now. But this begs the question, are there too many people branching out into their own businesses? As a result, does this mean there’s more competition than ever before? But, if you don’t try, you will never know how you can succeed in this. Nowadays, there is a plethora of information online to give you those stepping stones and confidence in starting your own business. There are pages on the best way to start a business checklist, and provides, in great detail, what you need. As the allure of professional freedom is so strong for many of us to resist, we have to give this a go. But be warned, it’s not just about getting up when you want, and working at home. It’s about the dedication that needs to be put in. It’s not an easy thing to start your own business, and as is the oft-used statistic that 9 out of 10 businesses fail within the first year, before anyone starts on the path to professional freedom by starting our own business, we’ve got to understand that, in many ways, it’s harder than turning up to a job and being told what to do.

There Is No Shame In Changing Careers

And when we’re frustrated in a job, and we talk about changing careers or altering our path, so many people around us raise their eyebrows in cynicism. So many people consider us foolish to jump ship when we’ve got an income. But it’s something that so many people dream about but don’t have the courage to do. Changing careers is something that requires more planning than starting your own business. After all, if you’re serious about it, you’ve got to find the right career for you and be doubly sure that it’s what you want to do. And when we look to a career that fulfills us in a professional sense, it’s very likely we would end up retraining. But for most people, we can feel that we are way too far “past it” to make a seismic change. This is completely untrue. The big mistake that a lot of us make is that once we are past the age of 30, we might as well stay on the current path, no matter how miserable we feel After all, we’ve got people dependent on us, but all this means is that we have to plan our attack a little bit more carefully.

When we’re frustrated in our job, these are the two options that always present themselves to us. Nowadays, the ability to start our own business has never been easier, and when we are unhappy with our path in life, we’ve got to choose another career, one that makes us feel that we’ve accomplished something. And if you’re feeling this sense of frustration right now, it’s not just about finding a way out, sometimes it’s as simple as finding more meaning in what you’re doing right now. But if you’re hitting that period in life where you’re unhappy and you need purpose, don’t feel that there’s no other option out there for you. Yes, it’s a scary leap, but you should never feel bound by what you’re doing in your working life. There is always something more for you.

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