Can Online Study Be as Beneficial as More Traditional Schooling?

Online study is something that we are all becoming more aware of. You might know people who have studied anything from a free, short course to a master’s degree online. People will tell you that it’s the best option for you if you have a job or other family commitments, as you never have to go into school, or you only have to go in for exams. But you may have your concerns. 

You might worry that studying online won’t give you the same opportunities, or even respect as an in-school course would. You might wonder if employers will take an online course as seriously as they would a more traditional degree. You might even wonder if studying online would be worth your time, or if you’ve have the commitment and dedication to get your work done, without a teacher in the class pushing you and setting deadlines. 

But, online study can be just as beneficial as studying in school. In fact, for many of us, it’s even better. Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why you’ve got nothing to worry about, and why you should consider an online course if you are looking to further your education or give yourself new career options

Online Study Has Grown Enormously 

When online study first started to become more popular, one of the downsides was that only a very select number of courses, at rather low levels, were available. You could gain an accreditation, but nothing like a degree, and you could only study certain subjects. You were quite limited in what you were able to learn and the qualifications that you were able to achieve. 

But, as online study has become more popular, far more courses have become available. You can study near enough anything online, right up to higher education level. The options are endless. 

More Schools are Offering Online Courses

Years ago, you could only study online from a specialist online school. You couldn’t take a course from a respected college like the University of Maryland. Now, you can. Most colleges and universities from all over the world offer some form of distance learning. 

Some courses may require some attendance in school. Others are entirely online, giving you the chance to learn from world-renowned professors and tutors from the comfort of your own home. If online study weren’t as beneficial, these tops schools, and top professionals, wouldn’t want to be involved. 

Studying Online Gives You More Flexibility

One of the most significant benefits of studying online is that it offers you far greater flexibility than studying in school, even part-time, ever could. When you study online, you can study when it suits you, taking courses in your own time. You can work around your family or work commitments much more easily than you’d be able to if you had to go to classes. 

For many, this is the only opportunity that they have to study. They can’t quit work or give up time to travel to school. Without online options, they’d never be able to gain further knowledge or qualifications. 

Employers See Commitment, as Well as Qualifications

One thing that many people worry about is that employers won’t look at qualifications gained online with the same respect as they would a traditional degree. You might worry that online study wouldn’t lead to a job. But, if anything, employers might be more impressed. They’ll look at your qualifications and form of study and see somehow who went the extra mile on their own. Someone who is able to learn on their own and motivate themselves to get their work done. You are clearly someone that is committed to learning new things and your own future, as well as someone who is able to work independently with excellent results. 

An Online Qualification Has Equal Value

In short, an online qualification has the same value as a more traditional certification. The modules might be the same, you’ll come out with the same knowledge, and you’ll have worked hard to gain in. You’ll improve skills like critical thinking, problem-solving, and the ability to manage your time. Studying is always beneficial, no matter where, or how you do it. 

Throwing yourself back into education can be daunting. It might even be terrifying. But, it’s worth it, and you will probably find that you get used to it much sooner than you might think. Sometimes, you just have to take a risk and jump right back in. So, take a look at some courses and think about what you would like to learn, and what you hope to get out of it. 

Image by Felix Lichtenfeld from Pixabay

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