Change The Way You Think About Advertising

Too often, when creating an advertisement or commercial – whether that be for the latest book releases or a new product – we focus too much on the idea of making money. After all, the main purpose of the advert is to encourage people to spend their money as this is what allows your company/business to stay afloat. However, adverts or commercials that are overly pushy often do not perform very well, and people may avoid purchasing a product from you as a consequence of this.

As a result, it is highly likely that you need to change the way you think about advertising – and focus instead on reaching out to new customers, providing them with quality content that they will enjoy. When you build up a loyal following, they are more likely to purchase your products without being forced into it. 

Make it Memorable 

The adverts or commercials that are the most memorable are not those that demand money and continuously push you to buy something – in fact, they allow the product to stand for itself and ‘do the talking’ so to speak. They draw in an audience because they are engaging, interesting, and stand out from the crowd.

This means that those who make a purchase are genuinely interested in the product and have not been manipulated into making a purchase they won’t enjoy. Thankfully, there are numerous ways in which you can make an advert or commercial more memorable. For example:

  • If you are making a video advertisement, use music, preferably a catchy, unique song that will stay in the viewer’s mind long after they’ve watched the advert. Though jingles have fallen out of fashion, a comedic jingle can also perform well. 
  • Create a catchy slogan/phrase. Keep it short, simple and if possible, comical. This means people are more likely to remember it. 
  • Use bright/exciting colors that will catch the viewers’ attention. Remember, you are trying to stand out, not blend in. 
  • Show clear and realistic images of the product that show off its impressive qualities
  • Create an iconic character that people will associate with the brand. Need inspiration? Check out this list of popular commercial actors who have helped bring brands to nationwide attention.

Make it accessible 

Too often, adverts are inaccessible for a variety of reasons. For example, many companies neglect to include closed captions (text detailing what is being said) in an advertisement, meaning those who are hard of hearing cannot enjoy the advert and will not be encouraged to make a purchase.  By making the content you produce more accessible, you are demonstrating a commitment to diversity, and also widening your audience. 

Keep it brief 

Commercials that are too long will often be skipped over or ignored entirely. Therefore, you should ensure that your commercial is brief, entertaining, and to the point. Cover all of the information you need to convey, without taking up too much time. If a customer is interested, they will take the necessary steps to find out more – especially if your commercial is intriguing. 

Photo by Fox on Unsplash

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