Checklist for Seniors Before Moving

Senior citizens are moving primarily to get closer to family and to ensure a safer home environment. And when it comes to seniors moving, comfort and ease are two factors you should consider.

So whether you’re helping your elderly parents move or a senior who wants to move to a home closer to your kids, below are things you need to include on your checklist.

Start small

Moving can be confusing, especially for the elderly. So it’s essential to start small and gradually move your way up. Start with a bedroom with little sentimental value until you finish the house. After that, make sure to let go of unimportant things. It can be challenging for your loved ones, but it’s best to bring only the essential items that your parents need in their new home.

You can ask your parents to give them as gifts to family members instead of throwing them away. It’s much easier to let go of these things this way since they will go to people that matter.

Opt for senior relocation services

If you want to get the extra help that specializes in seniors moving, contact a senior relocation service. They are experts who are trained with seniors in mind so that they can help your elderly parents with the transition to their new home.

From packing to unpacking and everything in between, senior moving services will ensure that your parents quickly settle into their new place. After that, choose a senior moving company that provides extra courtesy and care when handling the items.

Plan the travel with extra care

Long before the move date, make sure to give some leeway regarding travel. Road trips can sometimes be tiring, so it’s best to have multiple stops as a breather and to stretch your legs.

If your parents have problems with mobility, flying is the best option. But make sure to contact the airlines if you have any special requests. Additionally, transportation companies offer non-emergency medical assistance in transit for elders who need extra help.

Find healthcare providers in the new location

Another thing you must take care of is finding new healthcare professionals that will become your parent’s new doctors. It’s best to ask for referrals from their current physician or do your research. Find someone who specializes in your parent’s condition.

Start by transferring prescriptions to the pharmacies that are near their new home. After that, contact the insurance providers and ensure that their healthcare plan covers the new specialists and doctors.

Make them feel at home

Visit the new home your parents will be living in now. It’s your job to make it feel like home for them. Organize the home thoughtfully and study the layout. If they’re moving to a city, chances are there are appropriate cleaning services you can hire, such as a move in cleaning service based out of Dallas in order to ensure a clean and healthy living space for your parents prior to moving in.

Moving doesn’t have to be a hassle – this list will take care of everything for you

Moving is something seniors have trouble with all the time. But with the help of this list, it will be much easier for you and them. Let moving for them become seamless by following the list to ensure that the whole experience becomes something they enjoy.

Photo by Ryan Reinoso on Unsplash

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