How to Choose the Perfect Concealer for Your Face Type

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Dark under-eye circles are simply unwanted. They only overshadow your well made-up overall look. So what you want to do is cover them up. You need a good concealer to do the job. A good concealer is the one that goes with your skin type, tone, and need.

Not every concealer can handle every dark spot, blemish, or imperfection that is there on your face. Things such as formulation, shade, ingredients, and color blend together to conceal something specific. Let us here make sense of which concealer will work best for different skin types.

Types of Concealer

A creamy definition is suited for those having dry skin. Cream texture offers high coverage which can help hide pimples, under-eye circles, and spots.

A stick concealer offers great coverage for people who want to conceal pimples and redness on their face. It is highly pigmented and more nourishing and is surely a great pick for dry skin types. Some sticks have anti-inflammatory properties to heal blemishes during application, while others have light-diffusing effects making dark circles look lighter.

They provide medium coverage to dark under eyes and even out the skin tone. Also, they work well for concealing light pigmentation and freckles.

These concealers give a semi-matte finish and are perfect for contouring. Pencil concealers cover small spots and get into little alcoves (like the sides of your nose to hide any redness).

Coverage That Concealers Offer

Pick a concealer claiming high coverage to conceal pimples, pigmentation, dark shadows, blemishes, and redness. You can also use a medium coverage concealer which is buildable. If you’re concerned about covering freckles or lightened acne scars, go for a medium coverage concealer. Light coverage concealers are good for contouring and highlighting the facial features.

The general criteria to choose a concealer is that it should match your skin tone and foundation. For best results, you can match your skin toned concealer with a color correcting concealer.

The family of peach/orange/salmon/pink concealer is intended to treat dark shadows so they are ideal for counteracting any blue or purple under your eyes. Green and yellow-colored concealers work great for redness and blue shadows under eyes. Lavender concealer is great for hiding flaws. You can use a lavender concealer before your regular one to bring color back into your skin.

 What Are You Trying to Hide?

First, make sure your face is clean. If it’s an angry red pimple, softly touch green concealer over the area to counterbalance the shading. Pick a full-coverage concealer according to your skin shade. A concealer with pimple-fighting chemicals such as salicylic acid will be a bonus. Use a small brush or your pinky finger to softly dab the concealer where it’s required.

Dark circles
Softly apply a peach/salmon concealer to your under eyes and mix it in with your ring finger. Afterward, use a concealer of your skin tone which is lightweight and has creamy texture so that it doesn’t settle into any lines. Set your concealer with a light brushing of a translucent powder.

How tired you are
You are drained yet you have to go out to a friends’ gathering or at a wedding. In such times, use a concealer one tone lighter than your skin shade on the inward corners your eyes, middle of your eyelids, and under your brow bone to prominent your eyes. Apply the color and mix it in for remarkable results.

Are there any birthmarks or pigmentation spots that you want to conceal? Apply either a yellow or peach color over that zone and then your regular concealer. This will leave you with a flawless application.

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