Christmas Party Accessory Inspiration

It’s that time of year again – the Christmas parties are soon to be in full swing and you’ll be looking for an accessory or two to jazz up your outfit and tie your style together. Of course, it’s not just yourself you’ve got to worry about but ensuring there is some coordination of style between you and your partner. To help you feel inspired this winter season, we’ve put together some delightful suggestions for Christmas party accessories that can be worn by her or him;

Themed Accessories

Attending a casual do or get together but want to look the part? Choose some themed accessories, whether they represent your personal interests or are designed for the Christmas season. You can go contemporary with glittery and light-up Christmas themed earrings of snowmen, angels and wreaths or choose a more subtle design. Smart-casual designs in precious metals of gold and silver, emblazoned with motifs or patterns related to your interest are a popular choice and are often available across various jewellery pieces including quaint rose-gold necklaces, silver cufflinks and two-tone metal bracelets. 

For a bit of fun style coordination between you and your partner, mix and match Christmas themed jewellery with a novelty Christmas tie or a themed pair of cufflinks with a coordinating necklace. 

Style Sophistication

For formal parties or black-tie affairs, themed jewellery and accessories are going to make you look out of place so instead, consider smart accessories of one tone with a simple decorative stone or set of stones. Sophisticated style doesn’t come from overly flashy or exceedingly expensive accessories but is about utilising a few subtle pieces to make your outfit look and feel complete. Light-weight necklaces that rest delicately on the neckline, thin-chain bracelets decorated with a precious gem or two and flat style rings. The material you choose is down to personal choice however, precious metals and rare stones portray a more refined style than materials of wood, titanium and leather. 

Coordination here is simple, you want to match the colour, shape and base material of your accessories and endeavour to match across all accessories including shoes, bags and belts. If one of you chooses to wear a rounded, silver pendant on a silver chain necklace, the other should choose coordinating rounded edge accessories in silver. When coordinating gold accessories, make sure to check them next to each other under quality lighting, gold tarnishes as the metal ages and it’s not uncommon to own gold pieces with the same purity that have two different tones

All Out Fun

No rules to follow? No worries! Accessories aren’t only related to jewellery and practicality (shoes, bags and belts) but can encompass an entire catalogue of fun and quirky items. Swap your boring sash belt for one made of Christmas tinsel, decorate your dress with battery-powered Christmas lights and hang glittery baubles from your hair or if he’s on board, a set of Christmas beard baubles and glitter always go down a treat! Christmas is a time of joy and there’s no harm in relaxing your style and getting creative with your party accessories. You could even encourage a light-hearted competition for the best use of Christmas decorations as accessories and award a wooden spoon to the Bah-Humbug amongst your group. 

No rules on style mean no rules for coordination, although coordinating your colours can tie together the ‘couple look’. While the rules for coordination are out the window, try not to choose accessories that clash or don’t go together at all, such as black and brown and orange and green – unless you are confident in the shades you’ve picked.  

Style should be fun, not stressful so start with your base outfit colour and work your way up from there. If you are aren’t sure where to start, choose an outfit of neutral colours and accessorise with something that offers a flash of colour. It’s easy to go over the top so try things together and when in doubt, seek an opinion from someone you are close to!

Image by fratinardi132 from Pixabay

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