A Competent Woman is a Formidable Woman

A competent woman is a formidable woman. How is this? Well, feminine qualities can help a business or job role take on a new freshness and vitality. Of course, this is not to denigrate men in the slightest, as they also can be brilliant in what they do. Masculine qualities can help a company stay focused, fierce, keep a clarity of vision and stability. This article will explore feminine traits in business though, and how the business world could benefit from more young women developing their competence to the degree that affords them desirable positions.

Emotional Intelligence

Woman often have emotional intelligence as a natural and immutable characteristic. This can be extremely useful in negotiation and board meetings. It can also help them identify what is it consumers want, and how they might react to certain products or service offerings. Women often think of people first. This has been proven in Chimpanzee’s, as (with 90% efficiency,) if you introduce two categories of toys to the Chimps, the females will orient towards the ‘people’ looking toys, while the males will orient to the ‘object’ looking toys. This shows that the inbuilt quality of the feminine to assess with staggering ability the machinations of social life can be extremely helpful from both the interior and exterior of a firm.


Through psychological trait profiles, it has been found that women are slightly more orderly than men. Men are slightly more industrious than women (of course there are outliers in either case,) but the difference is minimal. Still, this is why a competent woman at the top of your administrative duties can be a formidable force,  especially if she’s qualified with an online accredited MBA. The ability to juggle many tasks at once, to treat them with refined and accurate degrees of prioritization and yet not drop the ball with any of them is a distinctly feminine trait, which is why females often excel in executive producing, business administration and head of department roles.


The feminine is the birthing place of possibility (as evidenced by our ability to create entirely new human beings,) and this translates very well to a business perspective. Of course, creativity (as with everything in this list) translates over both genders, but sometimes a woman’s touch is well required to blast down the fatigued structures of the old. If your business requires a new way of looking at something, needs the bravery to try a new product line, or must change and adapt its entire operation or be doomed to relevance, the multilateral thinking of a feminine business leader can sometimes help you weather those storms.

These reasons alone should be rationale enough for more young women to be interested in the business workforce, as your skills should be sorely needed. Of course, businesses only work when a balance of both genders are allowed, and both work together towards respecting each other. A similarly glowing article could be written about positive masculine traits in the industry (and often both genders share the other genders qualities.) If you’re a female unsure of where to take your life however, consider a career in business. There’s a strong chance you’ll be welcomed with open arms.

Photo: Pexels