Contemporary Home Designs in 2018

It is hard to keep track of contemporary design. It is always changing and never seems to stop, but it is one of the best ways to make your home truly yours. The modern design landscape is full of cutting edge accessories and modern furniture along with fresh and open ambiances.  We want to show you how you can transform your home with these styles.

One popular choice we want to mention at the start is environmental solutions made to enhance the architecture and design of homes.  Using organic materials is a noble and stylish practice, but they can get costly. If you need to keep your decoration ideas on a budget, you can go with classic options (no one will hold it against you).

Without further ado, here is my 2018 list of the most popular contemporary designs being used this year.  This list was inspired by cutting edge companies and studios like RemodelingExpo and GeorginaRice & Co.

Japanese “Wabi-Sabi” Ambience

Wabi-Sabi is a Japanese philosophy explaining which seeks the beauty in imperfections. When these ideas are applied to home decorations, it can be stunning.  The way to achieve this look is to allow our home to show off the signs of wear offered by years of occupation.

The occupant should let the passing of time leave its marks on the place, and those marks are the ones fulfilling the task of offering a robust, rugged character to the site.  To enhance this look, we suggest you add at-least one traditional Wabi-Sabi sculpture or vase as shown below.


Photo from Wikipedia Commons/Public Domain

These sculptures were once broken.  Instead of throwing them away, the wabi-sabi tradition is to fix the cracks with gold.

Raw Material Outlook and Finishes

As strange as it may sound, having a half-finished wall turned into a hot trend in the decoration industry. These walls add style as a brick or unfinished backdrop.  Walls showing off their metal beams or copper pipes can also achieve the same effort when done correctly. Rough or rustic ceramics on earth tones can add a lot to the general ambiance if they are placed at ground level.

Textures and Bright Colors

The millennial audiences certainly have embraced certain colors that have been left out of many households for quite some time. Diverse shades of pink, red and bright green are often used as wall colors. They can bring a lot of vitality to any place. Spike the ambiance of the spaces with minimalistic vintage decorations and textures to have a brand new take on a contemporary decor.

Using Handcrafts and Custom Woodwork  

Contemporary decor fundamentally rejects the use of mass-produced furniture, so you will have to forget about Ikea or any other pre-assembled option. If you are going for the true essence of a contemporary outlook for your place, your furniture and decorations should be handcrafted or custom made. If you don’t have the budget for it, you can always try any flea market close to you to get artisan crafted decorations or old pieces of furniture that bear a unique, intriguing look.

Make the Place Eco-Friendly

While the suggestion we offered at the beginning of this guide refers to the use of green technology, this time we are talking about setting up real nature in your place. Buy some plants, set up a small garden in your window if you have an apartment, use climber plants if you have a fence. Choosing the right plants is always challenging, especially if you don’t know how to care for them. A quick tip is to find a local gardener to pick out plants and help you place them! 

I have to mention as well, please avoid fake, plastic plants! While they look good year-round, they certainly are not environmently-friendly. Having a real plant will keep your house oxygenated and running on clean air at all times… They also present a quiet, almost zen like, atmosphere for all your guests.


I went over only a small handful of what contemporary design offers in 2018.  Research more and you will find combining different modern styles can create a home perfect for you and your personality.  I hope you learned as much as I did writing this piece and are ready to take on 2018 with a new look, feel and design.

Opening photo | Pixabay

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