Creative Ways to Use Your Old Tote Bags

One major issue with fashion apparel is that they go obsolete pretty quick, but if there is one item that has managed to hold a permanent space in your closet, that is got to be a tote bag. Tote bags have been around for quite a while but in the recent past, they have become quite a hype. We have seen formal leather totes and sequined totes to the sport as an evening accessory, and canvas totes for a casual shopping trip. Tote bags are hands down the most versatile pieces of accessory with impeccable utility. One cannot possibly imagine how they can be used, because they are fit for almost every purpose under the sun. Here are some interesting uses of tote bags that you probably did not think of.

Lunch Bag

Those who take their lunch to work or college will understand the pain of carrying it, especially if you commute via public transport. It is quite a task to transport lunchboxes back and forth safely and conveniently. Moreover, carrying your regular bag, along with a separate lunchbox can be a hassle. Tote bags can single-handedly transport your lunchboxes to work along with other supplies that you need to take to work. No need to carry separate bags. Simply stuff everything in your oversized tote and get going in style and with ease.

Laptop Bag

While we are at commuting to college and work, Laptop is another essential that most of us carry with us every day. Women especially find it an extra effort to carry their regular handbag along with a separate laptop bag on a bus or a train. Think about using your regular tote as a make-shift laptop bag. Simply slip in your laptop along with its accessories and other supplies in a single tote and you are good to go.

Grocery Bag

This one has been quite a trend already, ever since the awareness about climate protection has surged. Your regular plastic bags are dangerous for the environment and they disturb the natural ecosystem and can be a threat to marine and wildlife. Moreover, you have to buy them every time you shop. You can keep a few canvas totes and take them with yourself every time you go shopping. It will not only look stylish and will be convenient, but you will also feel nice about bringing a positive change.

Gym Bag

Not all of us are professional athletes who would carry a fancy Adidas bag to the gym. If all you carry is a deodorant, your gym clothes, and a few other essentials, simply throw your stash in a tote and march away to the gym.

Storage Solutions

Did you ever think how easily you can resolve space issues in your closet by sorting everything into separate totes? They are such an economical and practical storage solution if you are clueless about managing your restricted hanger space. Put the clothes that you do not use often in the totes and hang the ones that get your attention frequently. Likewise, you can categorize everything and put them away in separate tote bags.

Photo by Artem Beliaikin from Pexels

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