The Cutest Personalized Gifts and Accessories

If you want to get someone something special, nothing shows more thought than a personalized gift. There is so much to choose from on the internet these days, you really are spoiled for choice in the personalized gifts section. Whether you’re purchasing for a friend, partner or family, personalized gifts go a long way in showing your appreciation for them, and are a great thing to cherish forever. From jewelry to phone cases, check out the cutest personalized gifts and accessories to add to your Christmas and birthday list this year.

Personalized Keyring

This is an oldie but certainly one that will always be cherished. We always need a keyring, and this is certainly a good gift for anyone gifting something that needs a key to go with it! If this Christmas you are treating your child to their first car, this is a great gift to add to their new keys! Similarly, if you are thinking of moving in with someone or taking the next step in your relationship, why not ask them with a cute personalized keyring attached? You can purchase all kinds of keyrings, from initials to dates to pictures; however personalized you want to go, you can do so with a keyring. You can also get keyrings that are a pair, meaning you keep one half and your loved one keeps the other. This is a special reminder that you are always with each other wherever you go.

Personalized Stationery

For all those stationery lovers in your life, this is the perfect gift. Whether your best friend is starting a new office job and needs some cute new pens, or your mum loves all things stationery, there is loads to choose from when it comes to office supplies. Personalized notebooks are great for classes, or you may want to get some funky pens for the nurse in your life. There are also so many pens and pencils that you can get that are personalized to specific tv shows, so for anyone that loves Gossip Girl or Game of Thrones, there are stationery sets out there for them. Personalization doesn’t always mean someone’s name, as getting something meaningful to them is just as great.

Personalized Jewelry

This is always a winner and is an item that can be kept forever. Rings with birthstones are a great way to show someone you care, and Pandora have a beautiful selection. If you want to get more personalized, there are jewelry items out there for everything you can think of and more. Necklaces can come with initials or names, or you can purchase items for family such as best sister or mom. If you want to do something totally different, the coordinates jewelry from Sincerely Silver is a unique and brilliant way to show someone you care with some gorgeous jewelry. Coordinates jewelry is exactly that, jewelry with coordinates. This could be the place you got engaged, your first home, where your children were born or the place you emptied a loved one’s ashes. Whatever coordinates you choose, this truly is a meaningful and unique present.

Personalized Mugs/Cups

A personalized mug can go a long way and it’s the perfect present for the office secret Santa. You can get personalized mugs, wine glasses and even whisky glasses. For men, gifts can be hard to buy for, so instead of just getting your dad or grandad another bottle of whisky this year, why not also get them a new personalized glass that they can enjoy their favorite drink in? There are many witty mugs online with people’s names on or you may want to add a photo to a mug. There are even some fabulously clever mugs that can look very plain, but when you add a hot drink a message or picture will appear because of the temperature change. Personalized wine glasses are also a fab idea for big birthdays such as 21st’s.

Personalized Books

This is a great and unique gift for the child in your life. Whether you have children of your own, grandchildren, or nieces and nephews, trying to get them something new each year can be tough. At a young age they don’t want to be opening clothes on Christmas day, but it’s also hard to find them something that someone else might not buy them. For the child that seems to have everything, a personalized book is something they are sure not to have. There are many story books where you can change the protagonists name to theirs, making it a story just for them and nobody else. This is also a great way to get children into reading.

Personalized Phone Case

For the technology addict in your life, a personalized phone case is always treasured. There are so many ways to personalize these cases that you are spoilt for choice. Photograph phone cases are a sweet reminder of a good memory that you have shared together, or you may want to get a special date printed onto a patterned background. There are phone cases out there for every kind of phone and you can also get them for tablets.

Baby Gifts

For new parents, personalized baby gifts are an easy and beautiful choice. There is nothing more special than bringing a life into the world and celebrating their first Christmas or birthday is always a great time for a personalized gift. This may be a canvas with parents and baby’s names, or you may even want to get a bauble for their Christmas tree for their first Christmas as a family. For parents who want to buy gifts for each other from their new child, personalized gifts with handprints or footprints are a fabulous idea.

There are so many unique ways to personalize presents that you can never run out of ideas for your loved one’s next birthday or Christmas. This list is certainly not exhaustive and there are hundreds of other ideas out there too. Give a gift that really shows you care. Personalized gifts may not always cost much, but they can mean a lot more.

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