Does Your Career Suit Your Lifestyle?

Have you ever made lifestyle changes to create what you thought would be a healthier work-life balance? Or to allow you to manage your time at work more efficiently? You might have made cutbacks to your social life, skipping seeing friends to give yourself more time in the office, or more time to rest up after a tough day at work. You might have given up on exercise because you just don’t have time to do it around work. Working too much might have even started to affect your relationships and your health. But it’s all ok, right? We all have to make sacrifices if we want a job that we love.

But, sometimes it goes too far. We make that many changes to our lifestyles that we barely have a personal life at all. Sometimes, it’s ok to ask, does my career suit my lifestyle? Instead of always trying to make changes to fit work in. Sometimes, a career change or going back to school to give yourself new career opportunities, to allow you to live the life that you’ve dreamed of, can be more beneficial to your happiness. Here are some things that you could ask yourself if you are wondering if your career suits your lifestyle. 

Are You Always Busy?

Are you busy every day? Do you always have a giant to-do list? Do you find yourself continually adding more than you are checking off? It’s good to be busy sometimes. It keeps us focused and gives us a chance to get a lot done. But, you shouldn’t be that busy that you can never take time out or take a break. If you are too busy, perhaps your job has started to rule your life, instead of being something that supports your life. 

Do You Never Have Time for Yourself?

Time for yourself comes in many different forms. You might enjoy long, hot bubble baths after a tough day. You might find that working out in the gym or going for a run is all the me-time that you need. Some of us prefer to spend our time to ourselves with other people. There are no rules, but whatever you like to do with your you time, it’s crucial that you have it. 

Do You Feel Fulfilled?

Perhaps the most important question when considering whether or not your job suits your lifestyle is, do you feel fulfilled? If you are always busy and rarely get time off, but you are happy and fulfilled at work, perhaps it is worth it. If not, it almost certainly isn’t. 

Are You Engaged and Interested?

Do you find your work interesting? Does it stimulate your mind and inspire you? Do the people that you work with make you happy? These are all important considerations. 

How Are Your Finances?

Work isn’t all about money. Sometimes, it’s okay to take a pay cut for a more fulfilling job or more time with your family. But money is important. If your financial situation isn’t great, are the other perks of your job worth it?

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