Ethereum Explained: What It Really Is And Why You Should Buy Ethers (As Early As Now)

Contemplating how you can Buy Ether (ETH)? Trying to understand what Ethereum is, and how it differs from its competitors? So are many current cryptocurrency investors, and soon-to-be crypto-users. Learn about Ethereum and its benefits, and why you should start purchasing Ethers… before it’s way too late. 

All About Ethereum: SmartContracts And Dapps

Ethereum is considered by many as a cryptocurrency. And it is. Essentially. However, in operation, it is its own distinctive line. Where Bitcoin and various crypto-brands were made to be “currencies”, Ethereum has a framework for computer code storage. It has the aim (and capacity) to build, run, and maintain “Dapps” or decentralized applications. 

What this all means is that Ethereum IS a cryptocurrency you can invest in. It follows a similar blockchain function bonded by Smart Contracts. The latter is a coded self-executing buyer-seller agreement for transactions with the need for a third-party regulating authority— the very definition of decentralization. 

At the same time, it has a programming language that is solely for ETH. Said programming language allows users/developers to create their own platform applications. 

Ethereum is not only a kind of cryptocurrency. By the way, being another “brand” of crypto-coin is merely its second purpose. What it mainly is, is an operating system where developers can come up with their own cryptocurrency (which will have to be purchased via Ethers). How rad is that, right?

Why Buy Ethers? 

It’s Picking Up Speed 

For non-developers who simply want to cash in to Ethereum tokens, the question remains. Why invest in Ethers (Ethereum coins or tokens)? Well, because Ethereum is gaining momentum as a novel cryptocurrency. 

Its final phase-completion will transpire by 2023. But multinational investors are beginning to cash in because of what cryptocurrencies mean, as a whole. To add, there’s so much potential in Ethereum because of its long-term potential for accelerated growth. 


Experts have been telling us, time and time again, that pouring all you have into one asset and/or cryptocurrency will see you lose much more than if you were to invest in several. If any one of them hits a slump, you may still stand to gain from your other investments. Vice versa. 

It is, for lack of a relevant jargon, a “safe” approach towards investment balancing. 

Cryptocurrency Is The New Game-Changer 

We have to learn from our investing mistakes. Focusing on fiat currencies and tangible assets have proven to be detrimental when global crises create tidal waves in the monstrous yet limited seas of investments. 

We are NOT telling you to stop investing in fiat currencies. No. Keep your money where your stocks, bonds, real estate, and gold are. Please. What you can, and should do, is to bring cryptocurrency into the mix. It will act as a safeguard (because it is) against economic collapse. 

Call it being smart about money. After all, that is the purpose of “investments”, in general. It is so that you allot portions of your budget into assets, currencies, and cryptocurrencies that have the most potential for multiplied yield, come the future. 

Before Ethers put on price-labels far too high for the individual investor to brush against, invest in them now. Slowly yet steadily, of course. 

Image by WorldSpectrum from Pixabay 

This is not to be construed as investments advice. Before making any investments check with your financial advisor.

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