Five Times Boston was Better than New York

When it comes to geographical rivalries tussling for the top spot on everyone’s bucket list, most people think of the west coast versus east (or, if you’re referring to Sweden, Stockholm versus Gothenburg). However, no two cities share a more intense rivalry than New York and Boston. They’ve famously pitted against each other in almost every area imaginable, from professional sport to college football, epic eateries to the way words should be pronounced, chic downtown districts to hip suburbs.

But while we absolutely adore New York and would happily spend the rest of our lives kicking it between Manhattan and Williamsburg, we think Boston might just pip NYC top the post and grab the top spot from it’s most famous of rivals – and here’s why:

Boston Isn’t As Packed With People

New York City is home to 8.5 million people; people you have to tussle with to get on the subway, walk down the street, queue behind to get a hot dog – everything. Now compare that to the City of Boston, which only has 700,000 people and you can see the plus side of enjoying this stunning city without the crowds, as you stroll the streets without feeling on edge or hurried. It’s NYC without the honking cabs and rude passersby.

Boston Is Impossibly Pretty

There are a lot of ways to describe NYC, but picturesque, pretty and quaint aren’t included. But that’s exactly how we would describe Boston. It’s not all hustle and bustle. It’s a gentle stroll down Charles Street in Beacon Hill and an evening wander down the cobblestone streets toward Scarlett O’Hara House. It’s picnics in the public gardens and rides on the swan boats. It’s being able to look up at the history and the buildings, all of which NYC is not.

Boston Is Socializing Without The Stress

Getting from A to B in NYC comes with stress, as does getting a seat in a bar, or trying to catch up with friends anywhere. But not in Boston. There is the same vibe as New York, from vibrant bars to a trusted weed dispensary, it just all comes to a close at 2 am which, let’s be honest, is a perk because no good comes from staying out past 2 am. Head to The Landing for a drink, enjoy some of the best locally brewed beer in America and wake up without too much of a hangover.

Boston Does Perfect Pizza

New Yorker’s pride themselves on the pizza served in their city, but that’s probably because they’ve never dropped by Boston to try the pies here, which are just as good. Of course, knowing where to pick up the best slice is half the battle, so we recommend you head to the North End and stop by Regina’s Pizzeria. It’s as good as any pizza out there.

Boston Has Unrivalled Culture

The America we know and love today all began in Boston – a city that played an integral role in the Revolution – and you can soak up all that history on these picturesque streets. Walk the Freedom Trail, pop inside Paul Revere’s house and take all the snaps you can of The City Upon The Hill.

We love you New York, but Boston is right up there with ya.

Photo by Jason Leung on Unsplash

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