Five Ways to Save Money on Musical Instruments

Learning to play an instrument can help adults with many aspects of their life. It increases long-term memory, makes their focus sharper, and improves listening abilities.

However, if you want a quality instrument, you can easily shell out hundreds of dollars for a guitar, keyboard, or clarinet. Fortunately, you can acquire an instrument without breaking the bank using these tips for saving money.

Don’t Buy, Rent

Instead of buying a new instrument from a store or online, rent one from stores in your area. If you someday you decide not to continue playing, then you won’t have paid hundreds of dollars for a fancy dust collector.

Call the local instrument shops in your area to see if they rent instruments and locate to the type that you’re interested in playing. If you do decide to continue with your lessons, ask the store if you can put what you paid for renting it toward its purchase.

Shop Online

Although you can get personal service from a local instrument store, they usually don’t have the selection of most online instrument retailers. You can shop dozens of websites that specialize in selling instruments of every type and their accessories.

The more they sell, the less their prices are, and you can also stalk their website looking for sales or promotions to help you save money on your purchase. Use a price guide to make sure you’re not overpaying for an instrument, especially if it is used.

Search for School Sales

If you live near a college or university with a music program, keep an eye out for instrument sales. Many schools allow manufacturers to visit their campus and offer pianos, violins, and other instruments at a discount to students.

Sometimes those discounts will extend to alumni or members of the public wanting to buy a good quality instrument for themselves or a child. Also, search for public school district sales or auctions of band or orchestra instruments they may no longer need.

Search Coupon Sites

Many sites that offer coupons for large chain restaurants and major retailers often offer online discounts for food or merchandise. Some instrument retailers offer online promotional codes to help people save money on instruments and accessories.

The best way to find discounts on what you’re shopping for is by entering keywords in the search box. So, if you want to buy a guitar, type in “discount code guitars” to see what comes up and search for a good discount to for buying an instrument online.

Check Out Pawn Shops

Buying a used instrument can potentially save people hundreds of dollars on guitars, banjos, saxophones, flutes, and instruments of all types. However, instead of purchasing an instrument from a private seller, visit local pawn shops to examine their inventory.

When they need money to pay rent or the bills, some people may pawn instruments that they don’t ever play and no longer want. However, you need to carefully examine the instruments for damage and look up a price guide on your smartphone, so you don’t pay too much.

After you find an instrument that you can afford, you will need to take lessons. Instead of paying someone to teach you privately, visit sites like YouTube or SkillShare to take video lessons at a deep discount or for free.

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