Four Signs You Need to Visit an Optician

Most people don’t think about their eyesight, even individuals who wear glasses don’t regularly think about the quality of their vision. However, most of us experience changes in our eyesight as we age, some of these changes are gradual enough to go unnoticed. Eyesight tests must be done to check your vision, even if you don’t notice any major change, you’ll still benefit from an eye exam.

Here are 4 signs you may need to visit your local optician.

Problems with Night Vision

If you are experiencing problems when driving at night, you may have some issues with your vision. A person with normal vision should be able to identify signs and obstacles when driving their vehicle during the night, it is important to be able to recognise road signs to ensure you drive safely. Most adults find that the first sign that there is a problem with their vision is having difficulty driving when it gets dark.

If you are struggling to identify signs, you see halos around lights, or you can’t clearly see objects on the road, it is time to contact an optician for a thorough eye exam. You can take opt for something like an OCT scan which is a comprehensive retinal test that detects any problems with your vision.

Other Health Conditions

There are various other health disorders that can affect the condition of your eyes, these include problems such as diabetes and thyroid conditions. If you’ve been recently diagnosed with an illness that is known to have a negative impact on eyesight, it is important to stay on top of things and have your vision checked for any anomalies. It is vitally important to take care of your eyes if it’s been established you’ve a disease which can affect them.

Discharge or Infections

Visiting an optician doesn’t just give you the chance to check your vision, it also allows your local optician to assess other features such as the health of your eyelids and eyes in general. There are many conditions that can affect your eyes that can be caused by other factors such as dry skin.

Most eye conditions clear up after a few days using drops, but some can be more stubborn and sometimes more dangerous to the health of your eyes. If your optician notices any problems during an eye exam, they’ll be able to refer you to an eye doctor who can carefully evaluate your condition.

Reoccurring Headaches or Migraines

Headaches can happen for several reasons, one being that your vision has begun to change, and you need prescription glasses. If you are suffering from frequent headaches, you should visit your local opticians to book an eye exam to test the quality of your vision.

It is important to have your vision checked every 2 years, even if you haven’t noticed any problems with your eyesight. If you’ve a family history of diabetes or other illnesses that affect your vision, you must schedule a trip more frequently. If you’ve experienced any of the symptoms mentioned above, book an appointment today.

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