Gift Ideas for Special Occasions

Are you by chance, at a loss, when it comes to buying the perfect gift to match the occasion? Say no more, because we’re here to help. In this article you’ll find gift ideas suitable for any special occasion, be it graduation, Mother’s Day, engagements or wedding anniversaries. As a short disclaimer, in order to avoid giving you the same advice as basically everybody else on the internet, we’ve compiled a list of gifts that areslightly more unusual, but useful and quirky at the same time.

Rock Climbing Day Pass

Spending a day climbing rocks might not exactly be what you’d normally call ‘romantic.’However, if your SO, hubby or wife is into climbing, why not demonstrate your love by purchasing a one-day rock climbing pass. There are a lot of places where you can go to do this, like gyms outfitted with climbing ledges and even adventure parks.

If you want to impress him or her even more, you can also opt for a romantic over the weekend getaway at the mountains. Just be sure to buy the passes and secure transportation before popping the question.

Now, if your significant other has a penchant for climbing or mountain trekking, you can also check out TenGiftIdeas for related gifts. There, you will find an assortment of gift ideas related, but not limited, to nature exploration, romantic presents, and gifts dedicated to husbands and/or wives.

Punch Bag Laundry Bag

Laundry day can be such a turn-off, especially when you see that towering pile of clothes. Well, not any morethanks to this quirky punching bag-shaped laundry bag that allows you to show those dirty T-shirt’s who’s the boss. The sack’s madefrom faux leather, andit has a metal hook that allows you to hang it from the ceiling. It’s the perfect gift for birthdays, graduations, and even a house-warming party.

Couch Arm table

Game night can be a bummer if you don’t have something to put your beer and snacks on. The couch arm table is perfectfor those who are too tired or lazy to move around furniture every time the game’s start. This table can fit on any 15” sofa arm, andits rectangular shape allows you to place a really big snack bowl and several glasses of beer. Living up to its solid, all-American craftsmanship tradition, you can pick a tablemadefrom cherry wood.

Kymera Magic Wand Remote Control

Is your SO taken aback by Harry Potter? Than the Kymera Magic wand TVremote would be a perfectchoice. Made from high-quality plastic with a woody touch, this remote can memorize 13 infrared codes for TVs, DVDs, DVRs, and audio systems. It also comes with an antique-looking users’ manual. A great gift that complements every special occasion

Wearable Sleeping bag

Picture this – a winter’s night, fire burning in the antique fireplace, a glass of white, and you two sitting on a rug. When you think this will turn into the plot of a cheesy romance novel, pop goes the comfy wearable sleeping bag. Made entirely from heat-retaining material, this wearable sleeping bag is ideal for camping trips or a lazy Sunday night. It evenhas a built-in kangaroo-style pouch so that you can keep your hands warm.

Name a star Kit

For you stargazing hubby or wife, we present the ‘Name a Star’ kit. As the name suggests, with it you will be able to name a star after your significant other. This stellar gift comes with a beginner’s guide to astronomy, as well as coordinates to help you find your star. A great gift for engagements and even wedding anniversaries.

Box wine dispenser

There’s probably nothing better thanto curl up on the couch and to sip some wine with someone dear. Having to deal with wine boxes can be frustrating, because of leaks or the hustle and bustle of breaking open a new box. This ingenious gadget allows you to savor a good-quality wine without having to dirty yourself with leaky boxes.

StairSteady -Support Handle for stairs

Nothing says ‘I Love you, mom’ more than a helping hand going up the stairs. This gift allows any adult with walking issues walk up the stairs unassisted. The handle and rail are madefrom steel. A silicone layer can be added to the handle to make it even more comfortable.

No ‘Ragrets’ Temporary Tattoo

Speaking about usual wedding anniversary gifts, here’s the ‘No Ragrets’ tattoo. Popularized by memes, this temporary misspelledtattoo is like saying ‘I love you’ but with an extra kick.

Automatic Clothes Folding Machine

Having to fold clothes after each wash can be a nuisance for him or her. Well, if you were looking for an unusual yet useful birthday gift, why not consider a folding machine? It’s easy to install and to use – justpop the dry clothes in and watch it work its magic. It can fold anything from sportswear to elegant dresses and shirt. When the machine’s done, just put the clothes back in the dresser, andthat’s the end of the story.

That’s it for the slightly-unusual-yet-witty-and-useful special occasions gifts. Do keep in mind that you don’t have to spendan awful lot of money justto put a smile on your SO’s face – it takes a little research and tons of imagination.

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