Guide to LGBT Wedding and Engagement Rings

Binding love and favoring everlasting love between a couple of same-sex has never been easier. In the past, this notion has been utterly taboo, and luckily throughout the years and especially at the start of the new millennium, LGBT couples can finally say “I do” and commemorate their love. Just like with any other wedding, for an LGBT one, there is a simple and similar, but yet slightly different preparation.

Starting with engagement rings, which represent an eternal object, the anticipation can arise long before you step into the jewelry store. This feeling is all so normal, just as the decision to marry someone and make them your end-partner. If you are one of those individuals preparing to pop the question or about to embark on the unique LGBT planning adventure, here is a complete guide on everything you need to know about choosing the right rings.

Know the right time and the right ring

Who will pop the question in same-sex relations doesn’t make a difference, it is knowing the right time when to propose that counts. If you feel it deep inside your heart that you can never be with another person ever again except the person with whom you are now, then the time is right. The engagement ring, no matter the sex, should be considered as a binding symbol. It must give you a sense of belonging to one another. Consider your lover’s preferences and choose a ring that is a mere outlook of his or her personality. 

An eternal shine

One of the most popular engagements and wedding rings is eternity rings. These sophisticated diamond-embellished delights suit any man or woman that has any sense of fashion and style. Even if diamonds go all away around the ring, you can rest assured that you can match them with any fancy outfit or laid-back apparel that you might choose to wear. Any LGBT couple that strives to show their genuine difference should go for eternity rings as they are super versatile and appealing.

The magic from the water

Ah, pearls… who dares not to love them? There is nothing more personal and binding then choosing a flabbergasting pearl engagement ring. You must deeply know your partner’s taste and style but fear not – as pears exude uniqueness, sophistication, and grace. Plus, they have become a must-have chic piece of accessory in the fashion business. Luckily, nowadays you can find affordable pearl engagement rings so you won’t be breaking the budget for pure perfection. And the best part is that you have a wide selection of pearl engagement rings ranging from those embellished with tiny zircon stones to the ones with impressive crystals around them.

A distinctive perfection

When it comes to wedding rings most LGBT couples wonder should they choose one ring style or op for “one for me, one for you” option. Even though this depends on individual preferences, same-sex wedding rings don’t need to match. Choosing your wedding rings is your private matter, however, if you happen to have a similar taste in jewelry selection, why not go for the same ones? The key is that your rings have a meaningful story of your love journey behind them, no matter how distinctive they might look.


Most gay men immediately ought to know that this term is about wearing excessively colored coordinated garment items rather than straight ones, but when it comes to wedding rings, the term has a whole other meaning. To cut the long story short, going for a matching wedding ring in an LGBT wedding is another perfectly normal thing. Just like the above-mentioned paragraphs states, it’s all about your individuality. If you both share similar jewelry preferences then go with the flow and choose the same wedding rings. And above all, kick out the “who is the groom, who is the bride” notion.

Play with hues

In contrary to the popular belief that for your engagement or wedding ring you should go for the gold or silver, the modern world has opened our eyes to a much wider horizon. Ditch the classic gold wedding ring bands and choose something different like Moon Stone rings from, for example. If this might seem as you want to show your uniqueness to the world, so be it! You would be surprised how some other modern metals look stunning on you. Visit your jeweler and ask to see other metals that may come in different colors. Try out rings in other colors like rose gold and seek special metals like hi-tech ceramic, cobalt, or tungsten carbide. Not only will you stand out from the crowd, but you will wear a breath-taking band that shows your quirkiness.

Diamonds are everybody’s friends

Bear in mind that we are living in a world of equality, so there is no single reason why diamonds should solely be the girl’s best friends or vice versa. Diamonds can easily be a boy’s best friends too for that matter. The trick with diamond-embellished engagement and wedding rings is that they offer simplicity in the design but complete elegance and perfection from the outside. Classic diamonds create a special illusion of light, as they shine gorgeously, and it is no wonder that everybody wants to own one. If you have more money to spare, you can surprise your loved one with a diamond ring. And if your better half is not keen on bling, you can go for black diamonds that are even more gracious.

Upgrade the metals

Let’s face it, your wedding bands should represent your character and fabulous attitude, however, most LGBT couples tend to have unique choices and break the traditions. Consider what kind of metals you are most drawn to as you will be wearing this ring for life. White and yellow gold, as it had been already mention, is classic. But why not upgrade to ravishing titanium or platinum? These metals are immensely luxurious and most celebrity gay and lesbian couples own them. Both titanium and platinum are durable and long-lasting, just like your love is supposed to be. Only take into consideration any metal allergies that you may have before your ring decision. Some of these metals can be too rough on the skin. You don’t want your future spouse not wearing the ring that binds you due to some oblivious problem.

Have them customized 

There is nothing wrong with wanting to show off your pride and be celebrated. Likewise, most LGBT couples are pretty fond of having rainbow-colored wedding bands to present their unity and at the same time outline their distinction to the world. For that matter, couples who desire to splash out some colors can have their same-sex wedding bands customized. Search the web or ask around to find a special jeweler who can design priceless rings for both of you. Tailor-made wedding rings exude glamour and ingenuity, but above all the sheer fact that there don’t exist two of the same kind will make you even more proud of your love. Go with pink or emerald green sapphires, select some distinguished multicolored gemstones, and design beautiful one-off pieces.

Use some celebrity LGBT wedding inspiration

It is perfectly okay to steal some ideas from famous LBGT couples, after al their wedding ideas are always so fabulous. If you happen to have doubts about what kind of metal and design to chose for your same-sex wedding rings, take a peek at some high-profile celebrity same-sex couples for the much-needed inspiration. Look at Ellen DeGeneres and Portia Rossi’s wedding bands, or investigate Elton John and David Furnish’s wedding rings, and let’s not forget about Neil Patrick and David Burtka’s stunning ring masterpieces. No matter which LGBT celebrity couple’s wedding inspiration you happened to choose, you will undoubtedly have dazzling rings to brag about.

Unisex masterpieces

Think and feel like the royalty you really are, and propose to your better half with an utterly different ring. For both sexes, a glamorous choice can be a sterling silver band ring with gorgeous round-cut rainbow sapphires. Or go all in and opt to wear an LGBT Pride matching rings that shows to all other how truly special you are. Unisex rings mean that they can fit your outlook, style, preferences, and can even blend with any type of outwear you can wear. It’s a good thing that rainbow colors are beautifully vivid, meaning that you can match your unisex rings with any clothing you own.

On the “ring-finger” or not

Most same-sex couples wonder about the same question: “On which hand or finger do we wear our rings on?” Well, the answer is fairly simple – it’s your own choice, again! To be honest, this doesn’t make any difference to your loving bond, as the finger is merely a means of usage. That’s right, its sole purpose is for you to ravish them. Heterosexuals wear the wedding ring bond traditionally on the “ring-finger” on the left hand. However, as you are already special you don’t need to obey any rules and feel free to wear your engagement or wedding ring on Index or Pinky finger if that’s what you want. Only have in mind one thing – rings are a symbol of unity not some governmental rule of thumb.

Male vs. Female bands

Okay, if you do want to distinguish and separate the male and the female role in your future marriage, you can start by choosing different rings. Most common male wedding bands have a more muscular outlook, in terms that they are thicker and usually plain-colored. As men’s rings are generally wider than female’s, people most often select platinum rings. When it comes to femmes, the most obvious choice falls on shimmery and shiny rings. White gold and diamonds are an idyllic blend and those types of rings never go out of fashion. Hence, if you are looking for romantic wedding rings that signalize everlasting bond and love, you may as well implement traditional ways.

Choosing the right ring size

Now here is where people might encounter real problems. If you strive to surprise your loving partner and pop the question when she or she least expects it, you can’t be going around and asking for his or her ring size. On the contrary, there are far sneakier tactics you can incorporate to figure out ring size without compromising your hidden mission. First, you can measure their ring finger while they sleep, or take an old ring from the jewelry box and trying it on your finger and then labeling it. Secondly, you can always resort to their best friend’s help and go ring shopping together. Lastly, you can get or print a ring size chart and again take the ring off when they are sleeping to quickly measure it and take it to the jewelers. These tips are most beneficial when you are searching for an engagement ring, as for the wedding rings you should shop together. Just know that it is a must to choose a ring that is comfortable and not too sturdy as you will be wearing it for the rest of your lives.

Better be safe than sorry

One very honest piece of advice is to never wait for the last moment to purchase wedding rings. If you are one of those lucky couples who have managed to book the venue, bend, and all other amenities prior to the big day, then you must have certainly done the same with the rings. However, if you fall into that category of being one of those same-sex couples who are waiting for the very last moment to get the wedding bands, then you are in for trouble. The first problem of waiting the last minute to buy rings is the rushed, and very often a wrong, decision of your ring choices. Another problem is that your rings may not be ready in time for the wedding, or even worse, the jeweler may not have enough time to engrave a special note within. Think in advance and go shopping asap.

Dare to be different as every single gorgeous lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender individual is, and closely follow this guide into choosing the most charming, appealing, and beauteous rings.

Photo by Leah Kelley from Pexels

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