Guilty as charged! Blogging offenses that will rob you of online success

As a blogger with a growing readership, you’ve finally found your groove. You’re consistently uploading engaging content, sticking to a realistic writing schedule and your followers know what to expect and when they’ll get it! It seems like your blogging career is going from strength to strength. But then, suddenly, you start to notice a drop in your engagement, you’re not as organized as you once were, and your results are dropping off. It’s playing havoc with your analytics and your confidence as a writer. So, what’s causing it? 

We’re all guilty of slipping into bad habits, especially once we find confidence and we’re on a winning streak. Sadly, it doesn’t take much for all your hard work to be derailed, and often, it’s the same blogging offenses that are being committed every time!

Read on to find out what might be robbing you of your online success.

You’re not in control of your digital assets

As your success online begins to grow, so do your digital assets. Unfortunately, these grow at such a rate that bloggers don’t realize that they’re in a quandary until they’re uploading the wrong files, using incorrect logos, and jeopardizing their brand consistency. Digital asset management is the way forward, here. By utilizing DAM software and keeping all your digital assets in one place, you’re able to keep control of your digital files, organize them efficiently and always ensure accuracy when you’re uploading across your online platforms. 

Rich in functionality, bloggers love this software simply because it breaks down the creative process into more manageable pieces. No more wasting time on file searches or risking the security of your files online. Just straightforward digital asset management that will propel your success as a blogger forward.  

You’re not connecting with other bloggers

Blogging is like a conversation but failing to add links to other blogs within your content is the equivalent of interviewing yourself. By adding external links to other blogs or giving them credit for inspiring your initial idea, it helps to open up the conversation and bring others in. It also helps to create connections and increase your readership. You may also want to include inbound links to other content to boost your authority on the subject you’ve chosen. Again, this builds brand awareness and validity.

You’re plagiarising the work of others

We’ve all suffered from writer’s block at some point in our careers and when you are out of ideas, it’s only natural to scour the internet looking for inspiration. Lifting inspiration from other bloggers is one thing, plagiarising and directly lifting the work from their blog is another. Not only does plagiarising kill your SEO and rankings but also your reputation and brand. Don’t rob yourself of success by stealing the work of others.

And finally, you’re not engaging with your readers (or asking them to)

Speaking in an empty room won’t encourage people to come in. By gently asking others to join you in your discussion, you’ll soon find you have more of an audience to engage with. Always request that your readers leave a comment, or share their opinion. And once the conversation has begun – join them! 

Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay 

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