Heading to Bournemouth University this Year? Here’s what You Need to Know

Bournemouth is a popular seaside town on the south coast of England. It has plenty to offer, from lovely golden beaches to historic gardens and cafes, restaurants, and nightlife. Much of the town’s attractionsare focussed on the summer months, but if you are heading to university in Bournemouth, you will be living there all year round. Here is a quick guide to university life in Bournemouth.

Bournemouth University

Bournemouth University has been around since the 1970s. It was originally a Polytechnic but was granted university status in 1992. There are two main campuses: Talbot and Lansdowne. The Talbot campus is actually in Poole, so if you want to live in Bournemouth, select a course that’s taught at the Lansdowne campus. Otherwise, you’ll have to commute between Bournemouth and Poole.

The Lansdowne campus is not in the town centre, but this doesn’t stop you from renting a flat or house in town when you move out of the university halls of residence. There are lots of private rental properties available for students, but some are nicer than others.  If you are looking for decent student accommodation in Bournemouth, Collegiate offers this accommodation, so check it out.

The university has a service to help students find somewhere to live if they are stuck, so you won’t be homeless if you don’t get a place in halls or your private rental falls through. Most students prefer living in private rented accommodation once their first year is done and dusted and they have made friends. However, be aware of the general prices before you start looking, as prices will vary according to the size of the place and the facilities it offers. In general, you get what you pay for.

University Facilities

The university has plenty of great facilities. Sporty students are well catered to, with a gym that contains a range of fitness equipment. If you like the idea of joining a boat club, Bournemouth University’s boat club was named Sports Club of the Year in 2014. There are also outdoor sports facilities, including badminton courts, football pitches, and dance studios. You can also swim in the sea if you feel adventurous!

Student Life in Bournemouth

Students are around 10% of the town’s population, so it’s a great place to go to university. Unlike many other seaside towns, Bournemouth has a young vibe, so you won’t feel as if you’re living in a large retirement home. Even during the winter when the seasonal population disappears, the town still has plenty going on.

Bournemouth has a great nightlife. There is a good range of bars and clubs and it only takes 15 minutes to reach the town centreby bus, so socialising is easy. The university organises all kinds of social events and freshers week is a good opportunity to join clubs and get involved in various fun activities. The Student Union is the place to go if you want to see what Bournemouth University has to offer.

If you get a place at Bournemouth University, you can look forward to a few years of fun!

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